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Home Decor Style – Collected


Collected Style via Apartment Therapy

Savannah Farris-Gilbert’s home via Apartment Therapy

It’s been a little while since the last “what’s my home decor” post.  Up today is collected style.  Some might argue that “collected” is not a decor style but rather a feeling.  Call it what you want, but people who consider themselves to have collected style are all about the feeling a space evokes rather than the label it has.  (I speak from experience on this one.  I personally relate most to collected style.)  The truth is that collected people love MOST styles – they love the mix, and they love the homey, inviting vibe that collected style has.

Collected Style via The Design Files

Lee Matthews’ home via The Design Files

There really aren’t any rules with collected style.  No styles that one must mix, but one thing will always remain true – collected style will always incorporate vintage.  Makes sense right?  Collected = collectors…..

Collected Style via a cup of joe

A Cup of Joe

Collected Style via Apartment Therapy

Lauren Svenstrup’s home via Apartment Therapy

Collected Style via SF Girl

Lisa Coris’ home via SF Girl by Bay

Maybe it looks junky to you, or maybe it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  It doesn’t feel junky to me, it feels homey.  I’m guessing there is a nice, comfy sofa across from that fireplace, and I would love to be there right now.

Collected Style via Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

Some common styles that the collected styler lover might be into:

  • Mid century modern
  • Bohemian
  • Maximalism
  • Old charm

Some elements that the collected style lover incorporates:

  • layers
  • vintage
  • color (not always)
  • lots of accessories (plants, books, trays, vases, etc.)
  • good rugs (every room has a good rug)
  • interesting art statements (think gallery walls or oversized art)

Things to note about the collected style:

  • They don’t have to achieve high end.  Some people like the thrill of achieving a high end look on a low budget.  Collected people don’t have to have an expensive looking room.  They like for things to look a bit imperfect.
  • They love quirk, which also means they love different.  They love achieving the unexpected.
  • They love vignettes or small moments.  They focus more on styling small areas of a room than styling the room as a whole.  This results in many “moments” in a space.

What's My Home Decor Style? Collected Style Images via Cup of Joe & Apartment Therapy

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3 comments on “Home Decor Style – Collected”

  1. Love the look of a collected space. It speaks to me of someone who has taken the time to cultivate and make their home truly theirs. That bedroom by A Cup of Joe always makes me stop and stare.

  2. I finally have a name for my style! The truth is, I have never come across a decor style I didn’t like, and greatly enjoy mixing them in my house. In my opinion, if I’m not pushing the limits of what “goes” together, it’s just no fun 🙂 Great post!

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