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The Guest Suite Reveal


guest suite reveal

Hello………is anyone there?  I feel like I’m writing to outer space right now (totally my own fault).  These last couple of months have been a transition phase, that’s for sure, hence the radio silence.  I’d love to share what’s been going on and what’s to come in 2017 on another day, but right now all I can think about is sharing this guest suite.  I am so, so excited to share.  There’s no way I can translate my excitement via text, so I’ll jump right in.

Back up to I don’t know, sometime earlier this year.  We had recently finished my parent’s living room, and my mom suggested our new project be what was then the game room.


I was hesitant.  Can you blame me?  What a project to take on……. The room is not often used.  It is a spare room with endless possibilities.  The room has its own set of separate stairs and because of that, the room isn’t used very often.  It was originally intended to be a game room type space where my dad could hang out and watch sports.  Long story short that I covered in the introduction post of this makeover process, but my dad did the decorating in here…..

BEFORE Gotta love it, right?


I don’t want to repeat too much of what I’ve already covered, so here are the previous posts if you care to read.

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In short, we had a few “problem” areas to tackle……

  1. The flooring – The room had gross, stained carpet that HAD to go.  In order to stay within a reasonable budget for the entire makeover, we really didn’t want to spend more than $1/sq. ft. on flooring.  I know, that doesn’t sound very realistic.  We (Parker and I) researched a few different options and decided on DIY wood plank floors from plywood.  I went in extreme detail in this post, but the whole project ended up costing around $350, which was just what we wanted.  The look (and even the maintence) isn’t for everyone, but again, we just wanted something that was pretty and cheap.
  2. The walls – Obviously paint is an easy fix, and we knew that, but the walls needed quite a bit of patch/repair work as well before we could paint.  I partnered with Thumbtack to find someone to do the job in my parents hometown.  We painted the walls SW Snowbound (my favorite white), and wow, what a difference.  (I mentioned in the intro blog post that I was hesitant to take on this job as I wasn’t sure it could be photographed as the room has very little natural light and was obviously SO dark with the black walls.  Well……. painting a dark room white makes it photograph-able if you were curious….)
  3. A functional space/The floor plan – The room is large (17′ x 20′) and as I mentioned before, wasn’t used as it wasn’t really a functional space that the family needed.  I didn’t only want to create a pretty space with this one.  I wanted the space to be something that my family would use.  Their home has plenty of “living” space – a family room where the TV lives, a second living room, a dining room, a large kitchen and then 4 bedrooms (the master, my brother’s room, my sister’s room and a guest room that I also call my room).  It is a large house, but the only issue is when extended family visits, which is often especially for my grandparents.  When my grandparents are visiting and Parker and I are also home, we are one bedroom short.  What usually happened is I would sleep in my sister’s room and Parker would sleep on the couch in the living room.  No big deal and totally normal, but why not turn a huge extra space into a guest suite if you already have the space???  So that’s what we did.  Below is the floor plan and layout.   There is one entry/exit door as well as double doors that lead to the attic.  The above before photos with the round Texas iron wall piece is the same wall that the king bed is against.

guest suite floorplan

Breaking down the floor plan:

Because of the room’s size, we had to create several “hangout” areas in addition to the king bed centered on the back wall.  We did an “entry” area that really isn’t near the entry door, but I just call it that because it has a console table.  We also created a dining/desk area that has a small round dining table with two chairs.  In these styled photos, there are pretty ginger jars on the table, but of course those would need to go for the table to be functional.  Lastly, we added a small sofa for extra seating.  My thought process for these “areas” was, “what does a hotel room typically have?”  ……A bed, extra seating (sofa if there is space), a desk area and maybe an entry table…… Check on all of the above.

Breaking down the vision / inspiration:

It’s always interesting to go back to the original inspiration/plan for a project after completing it.  Sometimes a project can take a totally different direction from the original plan, and other times it remains true to the vision.  Below is the inspiration board that I put together in the beginning.
Guest Suite Plan

I’d say overall, the space remained true to the original vision.  I wanted collected and an eclectic with a bit of a traditional feel.   The color palette might have turned out  a bit “louder” than anticipated, but I really love the way the colors interact in the space.  I did identify the color palette as whites, greens, blues, yellows & corals, and while the space does mostly only have those colors, I think it seems louder because it’s all on a completely white canvas (walls and floors).  If the floors would have been natural wood, I think the colors would probably feel a bit more calm.  There were no expectations for the project (my parents are so supportive and graciously give me their home to experiment in), so the loud colors are okay :).  My parents really do love the space.

And here is the “design plan” I originally put together.  The finished space has SO much more to it….many more details, but these were the original pieces that I planned to build the room around.

Guest Suite Plan

For the most part, all of these pieces (or at least similar items) were incorporated.

Okay…… I somehow just wrote 1500+ words without showing a single AFTER photo.  I can never decide if it’s better to explain the thought process/design/details/etc before or after the photos.  Either way,  I know you are here for the photos, so here she is in all of her styled glory!

guest suite reveal guest suite reveal

That art was the last thing added to the space but actually was the starting point for the room.  The colors from the art really pulls the whole room together.   There is A LOT going on in this space, and I think it’s really important to have an item(s) that pulls it all together so that the colors don’t seem random.  The color palette for this space is blues, greens, yellows and reds/pinks, and made it a point to incorporate the color palette in full through the bed as it’s what you see when first entering the room.

I’ve mentioned Janet Hill (the artist of those prints) several times, but she is one of my favorite artists.  I love the colors she uses as well as the stories she tells through her work.  Such a talent.

guest suite reveal

guest suite reveal

That fabric by Lulie Wallace. (I met her when we visited Charleston, and now I’m an actual fan girl.  Such a genuine person who is incredibly talented.)  It was one of the very first details I sourced for the space.  I decided to have the fabric hemmed into skirted tablecloths for the end tables as I wanted a major traditional statement.  Skirted tablecloths feel SO traditional in the best way.

The lighting on the side tables (blue/white table lamps and brass sconces) is from Joss & Main.  I’ve never opted for double bedside lighting, but for larger rooms with a big bed and large side tables, I don’t think it looks strange (?!) Thoughts?  I think the most important thing when attempting double bedside lighting is the scale.


guest suite reveal

That chair is also from Joss & Main.  SUCH a statement by itself but when thrown into this mix……. It was risky, but I do like how it turned out.

guest suite reveal img_8952edit guest suite reveal

I tried to get as many wide angle shots as I could to show the flow of the room…

guest suite reveal guest suite reveal

guest suite reveal

This dining/desk area was the first “area” that came together.  Those rattan chairs and dining table are from ATG Stores and might be my favorite pieces in the room.  (That and the bed, which is also from ATG…)  I really love how the table and chairs go together here.  Also, I might be stealing the rattan chairs…….

guest suite reveal

How much blue/white is too much????  Ha, I personally think you can never have too much.  The blue/white ginger jars are something else that I incorporated to add a major traditional touch to the room.  All of the blue/white jars are from Joss & Main.

guest suite reveal


Another area from ATG Stores.  This console is awesome and could be used with so many design styles.


guest suite reveal

That jute rug was a last minute addition.  I really wanted to leave the floors bare but decided when I was looking at the photographs that it was just TOO much white.  This jute rug was from Lowes and I probably could have used a bigger size, but I was limited on options when I was shopping.

guest suite reveal

guest suite reveal

My original plan had a great chandelier that hung pretty low, but because of the ceiling height in this room (8′), we had to go with flushmount lighting.  This option from Pottery Barn feels very similar to the original option, just smaller.

Onto the last shot……definitely my favorite view in the room.

guest suite reveal

And the fun part, the sources and cost breakdown — (A * indicates that a brand donated that item in collaboration for this project.  More on that at the end of the post.) I apologize in advance if this is overkill…….

Sources / Cost Breakdown:



Paint (Prep work & Paint job): $500* (Thumbtack)

Sofa Upholstery Labor: $300

Euro Throw Pillows (3) Labor: $60

Skirted Table Cloths (2) Labor: $40



Wall Paint: $120

Floor Primer & Paint: $75

Plywood for Floors: $200

Supplies for Floors: $30

Baseboards: $350


Bed (& Surrounding):

Flushmount Beaded Light Fixtures (2): $500

King Bed: $897* (ATG Stores)

Mattress: $750* (Gel Foam Bed)

Art Prints Over the Bed (4) (L-R): Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed  |  A Royal Family   |  The Kidnapping of Edward Pink. Part Thirteen  |  The Kidnapping of Edward Pink. Part Fourteen – $152

White Wall Frames (4): $76

Round Base Tables (2): $54

Fabric for Skirted Table Cloths (Side Tables) & 3 Euro Pillows:  (11 yards @$50/yard – trade pricing): $550

Blue/White Accent Chair: $307* (Joss & Main)

Lavender Stripe Throw Pillow (Accent Chair): $28* (Furbish)

Needlepoint Dog Pillow (Accent Chair): $72* (Furbish)

Blue/White Table Lamps (Pair): $173* (Joss & Main)

Brass Wall Sconces (2): $118* (Joss & Main)

Blue/White Ginger Jars (2): $80* – (Joss & Main)

Books: Previously Owned

Vintage Lady Painting: Previously Owned

Rattan Mirror (Layered behind Lady Painting): Previously Owned

Wood Object: Previously Owned

Green Quilt: $169* (Crane & Canopy)

Yellow Comforter (End of Bed): $200

Pink Throw Blanket: $54

Pink King Pillow Shams (2): $108

Red Throw Pillows (3): $102

Blue/White Lumbar Pillow: $90

Wooden Stool (End of Bed): $60* (Joss & Main)

Blue/White Garden Stool (End of Bed): $143* (Joss & Main)

Blue/White Garden Stool (End of Bed): $100 – Homegoods

Blue/White Vase (End of Bed): $60* (Joss & Main)

Jute Area Rug: $150

Plant: $23


Dining/Desk Area:

White Round Dining Table: $345* (ATG Stores)

Rattan Dining Chairs (2): $574* (ATG Stores)

Blue/White Ginger Jars (7): $307* (Joss & Main)

Yellow Throw Pillows (2): $16

Citrus Art: $470* (Minted)

Books: Previously Owned


Entry Area:

Console Table: $604* (ATG Stores)

Round Mirror: $430* (ATG Stores)

Ginger Jars (2): $130* (Joss & Main)

Yellow Faux Flowers: $50

Wooden Bowl: Previously Owned

Books: Previously Owned

Small Yellow Jar: Previously Owned

Faux Potted Plant: Previously Owned


Sofa Area:

Sofa: $50 – Goodwill (SCORE!!)

Sofa Upholstery Fabric (13 yards): $585* (New South Home)

White Floor Lamp: $598* (ATG Stores)

Framed Prints Over Sofa: Ginger Jar & Eucalyptus Print  |  Ginger Jar & Maidenhair Fern Print  | Ginger Jar & Monstera Leaf Print  |  Ginger Jar & Elephant Ears Print  :$180* *Furbish)

Coffee Table: $100

Rattan Tray: Previously Owned

Books: Previously Owned

Small Faux Potted Plant: Previously Owned

Plant: $7

TOTAL: $11,137


A special thanks to the following sponsors who donated amazing pieces that made this makeover possible.  My parents requested that this makeover be completed on a reasonable budget for several reasons, and I am incredibly grateful that I was able to work with such generous sponsors to create this room for my parents.

ATG Stores

ATG Stores generously donated the king bedconsole tableround mirrorwhite round dining tablerattan dining chairs and white floor lamp.  ATG Stores originally reached out to me last fall about a “back to school” collaboration where I incorporate their product to show a fall themed area in my home.  I had actually never shopped from ATG Stores for myself before this collaboration, but man!!!!  They are absolutely my go-to for any kind of furniture pieces now.  Because they offer such a wide range of product for the home (anything from bedroom to kitchen), it really saves time to source items for clients from one spot (ATG), plus they really do have incredible pieces.  I have so many pieces saved that I would love to use for the new house. (….more coming on that soon….)

Joss & Main

Joss and Main donated the blue/white accent chair,  blue/white ginger jars, the brass wall sconces flanking the bed, the wooden stool at the end of the bed and the blue/white table Llamps.  I love shopping from Joss & Main, especially when I am on a budget crunch.  They always seem to have what I’m searching for … 🙂

Gel Foam Bed

Gel Foam Bed gifted us the king gel foam mattress.  (We went with the 12″ medium plus gel memory mattress.)  I posted about this mattress on Instagram, but in case you missed it…… OMG.  We slept in the guest suite when we were at my parents’ house over Christmas, and it was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.  Seriously, I was so impressed.

New South Home

New South Home provided the Geraniums upholstery fabric used for sofa upholstery.  SUCH a statement, right?  I also found the blue plaid lumbar pillow that’s front and center on the bed.  Both fabrics were such statements in the room.

Crane and Canopy

Crane and Canopy sent the seafoam king quilt on the bed.  The weight of the quilt is perfect and it also works well to layer if you like layers when sleeping.  Crane and Canopy is definitely a go-to for quality bedding.

Furbish Studio

Furbish (one of my all time favorites) sent the framed prints over the sofa, the lavender throw pillow and needlepoint throw pillow on the accent chair.  Everything That Furbish offers is such a statement piece.  So well curated.


Minted gifted us the oversized Citric Splash art and  man, what a statement it is for the dining/desk area.  Love the colors from that piece.

Well, that’s a wrap.  Please let me know what you think in the comments.  You know I love hearing from you!



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  1. Claire! This room is fab!! We just bought a new house in Crown (!!!!!) and I’m totally loving your console vignette as my entryway inspiration! Don’t ever think that the price breakdown is overkill – for DIY’ers it is SO helpful to get a guesstimate on costs. Thanks so much for posting that info. I adore this space and can’t wait to see what you do in your new house! 🙂

    1. Blaire!!! You made my day! Thank you!

      I heard that you guys bought a house in Crown! Congrats!! Can’t wait to see it in person!

      And good to know on the price breakdown — I always like knowing that info but never know if others think it’s TMI.


  2. Dad and I are so proud of you!! Your vision, determination to stay within a budget and your skill in pulling it all together 4 hours from home amazes us! Thank you for creating this beautiful guest suite for family and friends..
    Love you!
    Mom and Dad❤

  3. Claire, I love the way you consistently take risks, especially with color 👏👏👏👏. Great room! Well done.

  4. You hit this one out of the park!!! As always your mix of traditional, vintage and modern is masterful. It looks perfectly curated and beautiful.

    I also love the itemized breakdown. ATG Stores is a new one on me. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. Have been reading a while-first time commenter, really love your work, love how down to earth you are, and your approach to design! Cost breakdowns are awesome, and usually there are affordable options, which are nice. Keep writing, please! Really enjoy your blog!

  6. FINALLY getting a chance to look at this post. Claire. What an awesome room! I love everything about it! I don’t think you can ever have too much lighting, so I love the double lighting on each side of the bed. And that sofa? I’m obsessed. The shape is so great and the fabric is stunning. You seriously did such an amazing job!! And I love the break down at the end. There are so many new sources that I’ve never heard of. Love it all, friend!

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