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Guest Suite Progress – The Dining/Study/Hangout


Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

This weekend Parker and I made a trip to my parents’ house and made some progress in the guest suite.  (This is where we started…….)  Out last visit was all intense manual labor, as we installed the DIY wood plank floors (post coming on that soon).  The sanding and nailing down of the wood planks took the entire weekend, so my dad painted the floors white after we left and my parents had a handyman install the chunky baseboards.  I’m putting together a detailed post on both the DIY wood plank floors and chunky baseboards, but in the meantime, I followed Jenny Komenda’s tutorial which was extremely thorough.  Most of my “original” DIYs (original DIYs as in I dream up the idea) turn out terrible, so following someone else’s that I knew would turn out great was wonderful.

But this past weekend we worked on the fun stuff.  We unpacked lots of furniture, Parker put it together, and I styled several different areas in the room.  The space is huge, 17′ x 20′ with two dormers, so there are lots of “areas”.  An entry area with a console table, a bed/nightstands and accent chair, a sofa/lounge area and a study/dining area, which is what I’m sharing today.

Guest Suite Plan

Design Plan

Without further ado, one of the “hangout” areas in the guest suite………

Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

rattan chairs | dining table | floor lamp

I know, not much studying or dining is happening with those blue & White vases covering the table, but some serious dining and/or studying COULD happen in this guest suite if need be.  To be honest, this room is not used often by my family (hopefully that will change now!), so I’m going heavy on the styling of this room for the makeover progress/reveal that I share here because why not?

Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

This floor lamp is the perfect size to stand next to a dining chair — not too tall or too short.  It adds a lot to this little area but doesn’t overpower it.

Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

I looooove the mix of the rattan chairs with the modern dining table.  That’s really what I’m trying to achieve with this room — lots of traditional and modern contrast.  Very much “traditional eclectic”…

You can see the baseboards in that above picture.  They haven’t been caulked or painted, but they add so much character to the room that previously had no personality.

Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

The main color palette for the room is blue/white, greens, reds/corals and chartreuse/mustards.  That might seem like I am doing a rainbow room, but I think it’s going to be good and not rainbow-ish.  Here all colors are pictured except the red/coral shade, and that color will make an appearance to the left of this area through an upholstered sofa in a rich red/coral floral fabric….

blue/white garden stool | small blue/white jar | small blue/white jar | medium blue/white vaselarge blue/white jar | large blue/white vase

Guest Suite - Blue and White Ginger Jars, Classic Design

citric splash art | mustard pillows (similar)

I took the greens out of this shot to show the art.  It’s so clean feeling but I love it with the classic blue and white.  Minted recently started offering the option to add a mat to their prints, and I love how it looks here.  The white mat feels classic.

Next week I’ll be sharing the entry area…. Excited to finish this one up!



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  1. Wow, I am not normally a fan of the blue and white china but what you’ve done with this space could convert me…can’t wait to see the rest. Stunning mix if decor.

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