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Guest Suite Plan


Guest Suite Plan


The first of many posts to come on this project….I hope you’re not tired of it yet ;).  The fact is, designing for yourself is like designing for your worst nightmare of a client.  You can’t make a decision to save your life, and then you get frustrated because it’s month 3 of the project and you don’t have a direction yet.

I say “my” project – The space is for my parents, but they are gracious enough to give me complete design control, which is a dream.  We finished their living room earlier this year, and this space is getting a second chance now.  I shared some horrendous before photos and talked about painting the floors white (photos to come of that soon) but for now, I have somewhat of a design plan coming together.

Guest Suite Plan

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

I’m seeing collected and vintage.  A vintage inspired color palette on a white background (white walls and white floors), lots of pattern, thoughtful but far from “placed”.  I plan to use traditional inspired patterns and pieces but in an eclectic, collected way.  Nothing is final, but here’s what I’m thinking…

Guest Suite Plan

1 – Janet Hill Art

I can’t decide how I want to use these prints… I’m thinking possibly a gallery wall that covers the entire back wall, but that would require a lot of prints & frames.  I built the color palette for the space around these prints –  I love how the colors feel vintage yet fresh.

2 – Chandelier

Not quite sure on the lighting yet, but I do love this chandelier (especially paired with the bed).

3 – chartreuse Throw Pillow

I think if chartreuse can ever be infused that it should be infused.  I love how it contrasts against the blues, greens and corals here.

4 – Blue & White Accent Chair

Okay… this chair with the Lulie Wallace fabric… bold, I know.  Like I said, I want the room to feel collected and eclectic, and I think risky pattern mixing that isn’t overthought is required to achieve this.

5 – Bed

I love how classic this bed feels.  I think it will be great on the white painted floors too…

6 – Quilt

Highlighting the green again from the color palette…

7 – Lulie Wallace Fabric

This fabric (11 yards of it) is actually the only purchase that has been made for the room.  I am using the fabric for two skirted side tables that will flank the bed.  They will be large (30″ W x 30″ H) and hopefully a fun statement.

8 – Table Lamps

I love that these lamps will challenge the Lulie fabric a bit but not in a way that feels too much (hopefully).

9 – Sheet Set

Highlighting the blue color from the color palette…

10 – Tulip Table

The space is huge – large enough for a small dining table/chairs.  This area obviously will not be used for dining as there’s no kitchen in the suite.  I just thought it would be nice to have the seating if needed.

11 – Rattan Chair

Two of these rattan chairs will pair with the white tulip table.

12 – Garden Stool

Another way to bring in blue & white…

13 – Sofa 

This sofa comes from one of my favorite local vintage shops, but I actually already have a sofa that I scored from Goodwill for $50.  It needs to be recovered, but I’m thinking a bold orange/red fabric like this sofa.

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7 comments on “Guest Suite Plan”

  1. OMG the fabric on that sofa looks just like my parent’s sofa when I was a teenager in the late 70s!!! Plus Mom never had a room without a blue & white ginger jar or some Delft. That sofa was a stretch for her decorating wise as she always went for deep reds and a marine or colonial blue.

    Thanks for the family flashback – you made me smile!

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