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Guest Room Progress


Guest Room Progress

It’s week five (of six) of this thing – the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home.  I’m making over our guest room in six weeks and have shared weekly progress –

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I’ve made all of the purchases for the room.  I used my new, favorite home decor planner and organizer, itsums to “save” all items I wanted to buy in one place.  That made purchase day much easier.

Guest Room itsums Board

The hide rug and butterfly chair cover arrived from Urban Outfitters, and I wasn’t sold.  I guess I actually was sold, but I’m planning to return both.  I’m thinking the space can hold its own without a rug.  And I found an even better accent chair for a lot cheaper.

I found the end table at my favorite thrift shop for around $40.  I shared on Instagram that I was trying to choose an olive green paint color and this is what I plan to paint.

Guest Room Progress

Ignore that hairball.  I was of course drawn to the brass detail, but I really loved the lines too.  Plus, at $40 how could you not?

Guest Room Progress

If you haven’t noticed, that yummy green headboard is actually a king size….the guest bed is a full.  When I was thinking about buying the headboard to hoard in our storage unit (knowing we had no king bed), the seller said she used it on a queen sized bed and liked how it framed the bed.  I figured I would give it a try on the guest full bed, and I too liked the look.  Then I had this vision of painting an end table an olive green color that kind of competes with the headboard color and kind of compliments it.  Hopefully THAT color is one the colors pictured above.  I’m leaning towards Relentless Olive (6th from the left).

Oh, and there’s this…

Guest Room Progress

Lucent Lightshop: I have no words for you.  You are pure genius over there.  This cluster chandelier MAKES the space.

I now have one week to figure out how to photograph it with the room in the shot.  You should have seen me on the floor getting the shot above.

Guest Room Progress

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19 comments on “Guest Room Progress”

  1. That’s one of my favorite light fixtures from LLS! Looks great against the dark ceiling.

    I hope the nightstand turns out as in your head. So hard to find just the right color.

    Here’s hoping I don’t hate the pale pink paint I bought for my studio ORC. I have two gallons on hand … just need some time to paint!

    1. Thank you Arielle! I loved that nightstand so much that I bought it even though it had water damage…it’s on the side that faces the bed so it will be hidden. When you can justify buying a damaged piece you probably love it too much…or maybe you’re just delusional. Either way, there’s no turning back!!

  2. Love the idea to incorporate the side tables into the larger headboard and unify through paint. Great find on the nightstands too- can’t wait to see those beauties all painted up! One week to go… looking forward to seeing another beautiful Claire Brody design!

  3. I love the light fixture – I purchased a pair of the wall sconces for my lounge & am dying to get them up. Awesome score on the bedside table too! Looking forward to your reveal.

  4. I’m completely and totally obsessed with your room. Those nightstands are ridiculously perfect and the overhead light is gorgeous. Adore your headboard…and the ceiling…and everything.

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