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Gender Neutral Shared Kids’ Bedroom


Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as working with a client to create a space that first and foremost they love, THEN after all is said and done, organizing a time to photograph it, and finally sharing those before/after photos in hopes that you will love the space too and maybe even be inspired to tackle a similar project of your own.

I introduced the design plan for this project recently, the gender neutral shared kids’ space.  I was actually way off with the first design that I presented to the client, Morgan, but thankfully she was patient enough to wait it out for me to come up with another concept that was more in line with her vision.

Morgan asked for help with two rooms in their home.  They have two adorable kids and previously each child (a boy and a girl) had their own room.  Morgan decided that it would be the best use of the space in their home to create a shared bedroom for the two kids in order up to free up the other room for a guest bedroom.  I couldn’t agree more, and was excited to take on both projects.  (Laura and I photographed the guest room when we shot this one, so that’s another guaranteed reveal coming soon!)

I mentioned in the intro post that I had never taken on a shared kids space for a boy and girl.  That didn’t shy me away from the project by any means, but it did end up proving to be trickier than I originally thought.

Below is a grainy before shot of the space.  While the photo quality lacks, the space was precious for their daughter, Ivy.



It felt feminine and was perfectly suited for a little girl, but Morgan obviosuly wanted for James, their son, to have equal ownership in the future space.  I shared the design plan in this post, but we ended up with a soft gender neutral bedroom that had a “moment” for both Ivy and James.


Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

The walls went from beige to white, and that instantly brightened the room in a huge way.  We chose colors that felt soft and gender neutral, yet far from boring.  To personalize the space for each child, we added pink to Ivy’s bed and blue to James’ bed, which was each child’s requested favorite color.

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

James loves music and already had the guitar, so we added the guitar over his bed for a personal touch.

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

Ivy is a bit younger than James and doesn’t have hobbies yet, but we still wanted to add an object over her bed to mirror the concept.  I found that cute jean bag from a vintage shop, and we added a couple of her stuffed animal friends to the bag.

We actually added those pieces over the beds on the day of the photoshoot, and while Morgan did like the idea, she wasn’t sure she would keep them.  We also talked about adding photos over the beds of each child for a more personal touch.

On the other side of the room we added a vintage bench that I had and created a gallery of vintage art pieces above.  Some of the pieces belonged to Morgan, some came from my stash and a few were purchased from Room Service.

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

The vintage art gallery really helps to carry the theme throughout the room.  I wanted the space to feel collected and a bit imperfect.  While there was a color scheme, I wanted to stray a bit through the art in order to create the collected feel.

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

My favorite two pieces below…. how cute are they (and perfect for a boy + girl room)??

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

Another full shot of the room….

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

The benches were also added the day of the shoot, and Morgan really ended up liking those.  It was nice to add one more unified object in addition to the green beds.

Gender Neutral Shared Kids' Bedroom

Well, what do you think?  It’s tricky to create a space that works for both a girl and boy whom have different interests and like different colors, but I’m so happy with how this one turned out!


BED PAINT COLORPENCIL STRIPE RUG | CAMPAIGN STOOLS | vintage rattan bench (similar) | vintage twin beds (Similar)

boy’s bed: CHAMBRAY DUVET COVER | cream oversized knit pillow | BLUE Stripe PILLOW | camel pillow | green throw blanket 


Bench: CHAMBRAY DENIM PILLOW | mongolian fur pillow


*Photos: Laura Alexandra

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  1. i love how this space turned out! A big fan of your designs and so appreciate that you share the thought process behind your design decisions.

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