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Finding the Right Interior Designer


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A few weeks ago I wrote about diversifying my income, specifically through working as a Homepolish designer.  They treat us designers really well and that’s just one of the reasons I love that company.  But today I’m talking about the company from the client’s perspective….

Deciding that you want to hire an interior designer is a HUGE decision.  Not only do you have to have a budget saved for the decor, but you are also paying someone a pretty penny to do their thing.  Obviously I am an advocate for hiring a designer to handle the decorating process if the thought of decorating your home (& potentially expensive mistakes) gives you anxiety.  Decorating isn’t for everyone just like finance isn’t for everyone.  It’s never a bad idea to hire out a professional.

After taking the leap to hire an interior designer, what comes next???  How do you find the designer who is perfect for YOU, because I’ll be honest and say that the client/designer relationship is so much more than just being compatible.  You have to have similar visions, similar styles and you have to be on the exact same page.  But knowing this before you start paying a designer for their services can be hard to know for sure.  That’s why I think Homepolish is just genius.

Homepolish matches clients with their perfect designer located in their city.  There is a vetting process and you don’t get that perk when you work straight with a designer.  Homepolish basically does the dirty work for you and ensures that you two are a good match.  And that’s all before you two meet.

After the designer is matched with the client’s project, the two people schedule an initial consultation.  It’s during that consult that the two people can be ABSOLUTELY certain that you two love each other.  If for some reason you decide you are not a good fit, you can get out with no penalty and then Homepolish will match you again.

If you and the designer do decide to move forward, your designer puts together a nice proposal that outlines everything he/she will do for you.  This part of the process is nice because it ensures that you both understand the scope of the project before money is involved.  You accept the proposal (if all looks good) and then the two of you get straight to business.

Homepolish really holds up their end of the deal and acts as the middle man but only when needed.  They don’t butt into the project unasked, they only get involved if there is a question or an issue that needs to be solved.  In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of Homepolish is the vetting process they do in order to match the client and designer.  I’d love to hear if anyone has any experience working with Homepolish and what you thought??

*Thanks to Homepolish for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Hi Claire,
    Congrats and so happy for you!
    Any thoughts in doing a virtual class or an e-course on your 9/21 event in the future for those of us not lucky enough to live close by to attend?
    Would love to attend via a distance.

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