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Favorite Artisan Lighting Sources


Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Artisan Lighting Sources

A client recently asked me for my favorite artisan lighting sources.  I have a very unorganized running list in my head, but this was the perfect excuse to get them down on paper, which led to this blog post. There are so many crazy good lighting sources out there, and I know I’m missing some good ones. Leave them in the comments – I’d love to add them to my running list.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources

Oronova | Pendant | Cluster

Lucent Lightshop:

These guys were my first love when it comes to artisan lighting.  I’m a long time fan and used their cluster light in our guest room.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources Aurora | Fjord | Spectra

Cedar & Moss:

We see a lot of lighting that looks the same, but Cedar & Moss does a great job of creating new and truly unique product.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources Holmes | Brass City 7 | Cylinder

Schoolhouse Electric:

I swoon over just about everything on Schoolhouse’s website, and that goes far beyond their incredible lighting.  Furniture, hardware, you name it, and they probably have it and it’s GOOD.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources Otis | Wood Veneer | Brass Sconce

One Forty Three:

I learned about this brand a few years back when I bought a pair of scones off of Craigslist.  I looked up the website and have been hooked since.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources Fiona | Rose | Wild

Triple Seven:

Another great shop with such unique pieces…

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources

Sonoma // Fairfax // Arcata

Park Studio:

Park Studio has a great selection in their shop, but they’ve also been known to create some pretty incredible custom pieces.

Claire Brody Designs -- Favorite Lighting Sources

Cohn // Pinwheel // Double Oak

Sazerac Stitches:

I learned of Sazerac Stitches a few weeks ago via Instagram.  I love that some of the pieces feel vintage…and then there’s the colored pieces…that navy is stunning.


Who did I leave out??



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  1. please do not ever use sazerac stitches.. pictures look lovely.. but they’ll take your order and then never ship to you or respond to your messages.. been waiting for my order for nearly 2 months (was charged immediately).. and i cannot get a response from them. dealing with our cc to revoke charge. what a pain.

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