Why I Painted Our Kitchen Green on a Whim


Green Dining Room

It was Easter Sunday, and we had been in our hometown for the holiday with family.  We were driving back to Austin that Sunday (it’s a trek – a 4 hour drive), and Parker was asking what all had to be done to prep the house to be photographed for the Design*Sponge tour that was happening just two days later.  We got back to Austin late that evening, and I might have purposely not mentioned that I was planning to paint our dining/kitchen green.  I already had the paint – it had arrived earlier that week, and I think Parker assumed it was for the One Room Challenge.  I didn’t mention I was going to paint that night because I knew it was a crazy thing to do, and there was a chance Parker was going to talk me out of it.  One of those “is this really a priority right now?” conversations and I would have eventually said “okay…no” and the dining/kitchen would have never been painted.  And who wants that???

It just needed to happen.  The grey color that we originally painted in there is a good grey – Sherwin Williams Repose Gray at 50% – BUT not right for the room.  It was really nice in the living room that gets lots of natural light, but the dining room barely gets any natural light.  Not that Repose Gray doesn’t work in dark rooms – it does – but what was going on in there didn’t work with the gray.  Everything else in there was dramatic with the moody floral mural and the oxblood velvet chairs, and I just wanted more.  It needed another unexpected element.  Maybe it didn’t NEED another unexpected element, but I was craving it.  It’s just one of those things you don’t need to explain to your husband – Every time I walked in there I kind of cringed, but not so much to where I said anything out loud. I know some of you have to get that.  This room had to go Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green, and maybe it turned out disastrous, but I had to see it.  It was a risky move for sure.

Green Dining Room

I mean, why not paint your dining room green???  What do you have to lose?  And what better time than 2 days before your house is photographed for a big website?

I ended up being glad I did it.  It feels so cozy and just more relaxed now.  I love that the green is a bit random but not in a way that throws you off.  It’s just green kitchen, ya know??

The color is Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green, which I highly recommend (obviously).  This was one of the only photos I could find on the internet of a space painted this color.  The color is rich, but I wouldn’t call it bold.

F&B Breakfast Room Green via

I wanted to paint all the way up to the trim, especially the trim around the doors behind the table.  I did paint the doors, which was pretty risky as a renter, but the white color on the doors was different from the trim. This was good because I can paint the doors any generic white when we move out.  If I would have painted the trim in the dining I would have been SOL when I had to paint it back because the rest of the house has the same trim color, which I don’t have.  The more I’m looking at these pictures, the more I’m wishing I could have painted the trim, but it’s not happening.  I had to draw the line somewhere.

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green Kitchen

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green Kitchen

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green

In the post where I talked about our “vintage” ahem, OLD kitchen, someone asked to see more of the kitchen.  These next photos are my attempt to show that.  That big hole is where the dishwasher should go.  Since we didn’t get one of those we put a basket in there and use it as a trashcan.  I also covered the kitchen/dining floors in jute rugs to cover up the floor.  I went with an 8×10 in the dining and a 4×6 in the kitchen.  They’re both from Rugs USA.

Breakfast Room Green Kitchen

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green Kitchen

I forgot/neglected to paint that little wall piece under the microwave/over the oven. One day….

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green Kitchen

I’ve decided there are two types of people in this world – those who are afraid/intimidated by paint and those who are not.  Those two people also fall into the following two categoies –  1)  They finish decorating their home and are happy with it for 5+ years.  2)  They never finish decorating their home as it just constantly evolves.  There isn’t a wrong in my book, although I bet most #1s would say the #2s stress them out.  It’s just the way some people are….

*Photography: Kayla Snell



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21 comments on “Why I Painted Our Kitchen Green on a Whim”

  1. FABULOUS!!! We are renting too…but the market is so bad here in SF that we had to paint all the various colors of orange and red ourselves (so we did). I’m in group #2 though. I did recently paint the backs of our book shelves that sort of reflects the bay. That green you chose is gorgeous.
    Mary Ann

  2. OMG I LOVE IT!!! That green is perfect! So daring but it came out beautiful with all the other pops of color, definitely fits with the charm of the home!! Now I need to find a room to paint 🙂

  3. Thanks for showing more of the kitchen! It really is beautiful. Creativity is always more potent when our resources are limited! The green is lovely, and good call on painting the doors. As a renter, the space may not be exactly what you want, but you’ve managed to make it super charming! 🙂

  4. I’m a number 2 and I feel really inspired by this. I love the color you chose and how appropriate the color name is. 😉 For what it’s worth, I think your kitchen is adorable.

  5. So funny! I do that with my hubby too, maybe not quite mentioning something drastic until the very last minute as in right before it’s happening! It turned out fabulous! And congrats on the feature!! That’s big time!

  6. I love that you did that…Im toying with Olive myself….BUT question, would you consider painting the white trim too and just change the sheen? I just did this in my kitchen (it had 7 entrances 5 of which were doors!) and it calmed it all down! All the white trim was visually distracting to me in a room with already so much going on…so yup…that’s what I did….mistake? Maybe…maybe not…Ill let you know when they finish. they have to apply second coats.

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