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Exteriors Scare Me + Farrow and Ball’s 2017 Color Trends


2017 Color Trends

The exterior of a house is a whole new ballgame (at least in my book).  I really don’t feel intimidated by the scariest of interiors.  I usually see past weird floor plans, bad materials and anything dated.  But exteriors?  I lose my mind.  I went to Lowes THREE times yesterday and circled the exterior plant section 5 times each trip.  What’s happening here???




We’re set on painting the brick, trim and front door.  Easy decision, and I feel pretty confident about it.  But what is landscape and what does one do with it???  I’m at a real loss and spending way too much time agonizing over it.  At one point I gave the job to Parker and told him he was in charge of the outdoors.  He was good with it, and went to Lowes and bought everything he needed to execute his plan while I was out of town one weekend.  I came home and freaked out that we were already committing and we ended up returning everything.  Neither Lowes or Parker were happy.

So it was actually perfect timing when Farrow and Ball reached out about a month ago asking if I would help spread the word about their 2017 Color Trends by sharing an outdoor “garden” area that incorporates their trend colors.  It actually forced me to start sprucing up the front porch in the only way I know how – potted plants and lots of them.

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

I’m getting ahead of myself here but this cement tile below that the 4 trend colors are pictured on sums up what’s happening on the BACK patio.  So many patios to discuss.

2017 Color Trends

The four trend colors are

All White – Just a classic pure white.  It’s such a good, true white.  There are no yellow or blue undertones, but it’s not cold like a stark white would be.  Definitely a go-to if I need a true white.

2017 Color Trends

Hay – Oh man.  So creamy wall colors are making a huge comeback.  We’re not going full on 90s tan, but rather a creamy ivory plus some.  Yes, this Hay color is considered a yellow, so you must be really intentional with it but I am just dying to see this color done right.  Any takers?????

2017 Color Trends

Radicchio – “A modern crimson” is what Farrow and Ball is calling it.  I instantly think of Gwen’s (The Makerista) sunroom when I see this color.  It is just lovely paired with the sweetest lavender.

2017 Color Trends

Studio Green – Yes, the thought of “what if I painted the kitchen cabs this color rather than the olive green” has crossed my mind a few times.  Not that I’m saying that out loud.  This color is so hot yet so classic.  It’s a rich colors, yes, but you don’t have to be afraid of it.  It can feel really serene when paired with creamy whites OR you could go extra bold and pair with sleek black metals.

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

So, thoughts? Any colors you are loving?  As for the fate of our exterior, I see decisions being made sooner rather than later, but if you have input/advice on how we can add curb appeal, please share!

*This post is sponsored by Farrow and Ball.  Thank you for supporting brands that keep this blog going!

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17 comments on “Exteriors Scare Me + Farrow and Ball’s 2017 Color Trends”

  1. Paint your house white with a fun door!!! And add trellis/flowers — ideally in a bloom color that echoes the front door — on the right hand (but to the left of the window). That would be soooo good!

    You NEED climbing flowers by that window! 🙂

    It will be beautiful!

      1. just pinned you a photo. 🙂 also, we just painted our house white (we used BM white dove and it reads really creamy on our brick/in our light) and I love it SOOOOO much. You won’t be unhappy painting the brick. Everyone thought I was nuts but it was totally the right thing to do!

        As for shutters, I say no. I think shutters should always be operational and you have such big windows that no shutters could really cover them. I generally think no shutters over non-working/fake shutters, if that makes sense. 🙂

        Cheers! You have fabulous taste and it will be great! xo

  2. As an architect, here’s my advice on landscape. Hire a professional to develop a plan for you. I feel like I know plants and have a green thumb but I’ve screwed up so many times. Something as simple as choosing the wrong plants for your house orientation can result in having to do it all over again – wasted time, wasted money. The same concepts we worry about on interiors apply to landscape –
    texture, scale, color – but you don’t understand the palette you’re working with or the complexity of botany. Many younger landscape firms offer a flat fee for a design and you can opt out of having them install the plants. Usually, this is where they make their money and it sounds like you’re fine with the install. Spin it that you’ll blog/post about it and give them free advertising.
    Win – win. Your house has great lines. I agree with the comment above that some verticality on the right will help provide balance. It could be with a taller, more sculptural shrub or with fig ivy growing on the walls (which I’m a huge fan of and am currently doing on my house). You do not need shutters but I tend more toward the modernist look on these midcentury houses. Keep it clean. You have detailing going on with the brick texture, the overhang exposed rafter tails and rhythm of the windows/doors. Also, go somewhere like Shoal Creek Nursery or Great Outdoors for inspiration. And, whenever possible, try to go with native plants or plants that require low water usage. In the heat of the summer and the dead of winter, you’ll be grateful that you don’t have to obsess about it. Great house! We’ve never met and I only follow you on IG but I love your interiors and would love to work together in the future.

  3. I had a similar dilemma moving from teeny tiny lot sizes in CA to over an acre of land in FL. New build so the house was fine, but what to do with all that yard space??? Best decision follows Sarah’s advice (previous poster), invite someone to give advice, draw up a plan and list quantities for you. Hardscape items might be done by others, planting can be done by you. Starts with the plan. Also, we spent a lot more time walking our neighborhood before we went to the nurseries, so we could see what actually would grow in our yard (installing that dogwood was never regretted!). Decide if you want year round color, or variations on a green theme. Just as for interiors, your pinterest boards can be used to guide the sketch of your plan.

    Can’t wait to see the progress, I really enjoy watching and playing along as you make these decisions!

  4. Exteriors may be scary but looking at how amazing your patio is, I fully believe you will create a stunning landscape for your beautiful home. Can not wait to see what progress you make and how it all turns out!

  5. OMG, girl, here’s my #1 piece of advice for people new to gardening– NEVER do your plant shopping at a big box store. 2/3rds of what they carry doesn’t even grow well here, and you’ll kill everything you buy and then assume you’re a bad gardener and gardening’s not for you. Now granted, Lowe’s and Home Depot finally do seem to be carrying more native and adapted plants, but how’s a newbie gonna know the difference? We have so many awesome local nurseries in Austin with staff that actually know their shit. and are happy to answer a million questions. Check out Barton Springs Nursery (my fave) or The Natural Gardener instead. There are also tons of fabulous local garden blogs where you can spend a quiet day going through their archives to get ideas. Pam Penick of Digging is the best for this– she features soooo many tours of awesome local gardens in so many different styles (http://penick.net/digging), and she also has a list of local bloggers if you want to broaden your scope a bit and see what everyone else is doing.

    I am also a garden designer & Master Gardener & happy to answer any questions– just shoot me an email. And if you can get your hands on a free Grow Green Guide (most of the local nurseries carry them), it’s pretty much THE guide to bulletproof plants for this climate, with lots of pictures and handy guides to water/sun/etc. I have a box in my garage and would be happy to send one to you, just let me know.

  6. I’ve been looking for a good green to use as an accent in our home. Some greens go too Kelly Green and some are too drab. I love this one! Eager to see what you come up with for the exterior! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

  7. As for landscaping, fortunately I bought a house that already had some mature landscaping. I think for the first year, I’m just doing my seller told me- by not pulling up everything as if it were weed because she planted some perennials. Otherwise, I’m dying to add more roses or peonies. You can’t go wrong with roses or some tropical plants like elephant ears here in South Carolina. I’m not sure how mosquitos are near you, but I recommend looking into mosquito repealing plants. Lemon Balms have made such a difference in being able to sit outside. Look into some low maintenance plants like shrubs. Azaleas are a great one!

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