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Entry Progress – Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall


Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

A couple of months ago, bloggers Cindy from Rough Luxe and Mary Ann of classic casual home asked me to join in a “how to” series they host.  This time around would be ideas for decorating your entry.  Mind you this was back in January.  I said absolutely, I’ll have an entry by late March!!!…….. Done, I was committed.

Well……. come yesterday, and there’s hardly one inch of our house that is styled and ready to go. But you know what??  I got my juices going and put an entry together for this series.  It was a great push to force me to do it, although two days ago I didn’t think it could be done.  So thank you to Cindy and Mary Ann for thinking of me for this series.  It was exactly the push I needed to get going.  I think I’ve been waiting on the renovation work to be completely done to start on the decorating phase, but that is now out the window.  I just can’t wait any longer.

You know I’m all about the dramatic before/after.  Here’s where we were two months ago.


BEFORE And here we are as of yesterday –

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

light fixture | basket

I’ve been all about floor to ceiling gallery walls lately, and I knew that the entry was the perfect spot to give it a try.  The art is such a mix, and that’s really what you want.  Some pieces are special and belonged to both of my grandmothers, other pieces are from thrift store and have no sentimental meaning, I just liked the piece.

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

Here’s another thing.  Most all of the walls in the living/dining had to be floated/textured so I am DREADING putting nails in my walls.  I do not want to do it.,  Our rental?  I left that poor place with so many nail holes, and didn’t think twice.  But OUR house??? It’s a different ball game, you know?  I dont want to have to to later patch my pretty walls because I changed my mind on art placement.

So I did a lot of propping here.  That oversized black/white floral piece by Lindsey Letters (stolen from my parents’ guest room, oops) is propped on top of that bench.  Same with that random mirror, smaller floral piece and then the piece propped behind the bench.  The next layer above those pieces are hung with command strips and then the highest pieces are hung with nails because if those pieces fall, everything falls, and no one has time for an entire gallery wall crashing to the floor.

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

I took the floor to ceiling gallery wall idea very seriously.  I added that cute basket under the bench along with stacked books and a potted plant because no open space was allowed here.  The pretty hide rug was a housewarming gift from Parker’s mom.

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

This is an awkward photo but my attempt to show the floor plan here. Can we please scroll up to the first before photo to see the night/day difference we have here with no random poles???

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

Need some art on that blank wall, but this was project entry so I stopped at the entry…..

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

Well…. what do you think about floor to ceiling galleries?  Into them or nah?

Again, thanks to Cindy and Mary Ann for including me in this fun series.  Below is the rest of the group.  It’s such a diverse group, so even if you’re not into my floor to ceiling gallery, I can promise there will be at least one entry that really gets you going…..

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22 comments on “Entry Progress – Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall”

  1. Claire!!!!!!! You did an AMAZING job. And yes, I am totally in to floor to ceiling gallery walls and I love how literally you took that and ran with it. This is so perfectly YOU. Can’t wait to see more rooms in your home unfold. <3

  2. OH. MY. WORD! This is beyond stunning… jaw-dropping! You are so talented, Claire! So excited to follow along with what you do in a space that is 100% your own!!!!

  3. Claire….WOW! This is spectacular. I love all the warmth the textures bring to your entry. It’s filled with character and personality. I know what you mean about putting in nail holes. We did a Project Design: Gallery Walls…and months later when I wanted to move things around (as I like to do), I was wishing I had used Command Stripes!
    This is such a great job…so glad you said yes to participate with us.
    Mary Ann

  4. This is awesome! One of my points do something that you wouldn’t do elsewhere ! LOVE IT! So many are put off by a small entry. You showed them some wow factor! Thank you so much for joining us. This truly is publish worthy!

  5. It is like Christmas… two Claire Brody posts in two days! I love everything about your new house, but my very favorite is the tambourine. It is there for you in case you need to grab it on your way out the door.

  6. I LOVE your gallery wall! I saved a picture to my pinterest board for later. I’ll have to reference it when we finally get our house built. I love that you mixed black, brown, color art, black & white art and instruments! I find myself staying within a certain look when creating gallery walls. This will inspire me to mix things up a bit!

  7. I enjoy the floor to ceiling gallery walls because they allow you to express yourself and add so much interest to a space. Although, I do think that to pull of this home decor look you need to have just the right space. In my opinion, the space needs to be a little nook or a large empty space.

  8. It looks amazing! Love the mixture of pieces and that you included sentimental ones as well. And I hear you about saying “yes” in January and then putting it off until the last minute…that was me too.

  9. Claire, So exciting about this being your new home. It’s gorgeous. Love the wide open space and the big doors and vaulted ceilings. Your gallery wall is just fabulous and I love how you stayed to the same colors browns and black plus natural elements! You have a great eye. It was fun to do this together and get to know you and the other women. I look forward to reading more from your blog. Kim

  10. Love this idea, especially the “leaning” art and use of command strips. Could you source the hide rug you were gifted? Thank you for the stunning inspiration.

  11. What can I say that others have not already said? Good gosh, I love it, you got this! And no more poles! I take it they were decorative and did not serve a purpose, like holding up the ceiling? I have a couple of those that I would like to take down but have to see if they are holding anything up, ha! Thank you, great job!

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