The Bedroom of My Dreams


Eclectic Bedroom Design

This eclectic bedroom design was created for a cute 5 year old, but who am I kidding, this is the bedroom of MY dreams!!!  The design was built around the pineapple wallpaper…how can it not be?  Let’s dissect…


I love a daybed as a way to save on space.  And one with a trundle is even better!  This one feels traditional with the rolled arms but paired with everything else in this room?  Not so traditional…


Does this wallpaper need an explanation????  So good.


With this wallpaper, you either let it be the showstopper and go soft with everything else in the room, OR, you say, no, I’m going crazy with this wallpaper, and that’s what happened here.  Not really.  I don’t think it’s that crazy.  A bright yellow stripe rug is quite the contrast against the pink & red pineapple wallpaper, but when in doubt on mixing crazy patterns, a stripe always goes well with anything floral (or in this case a shape that resembles a floral pattern….)

Pink/Red Throw Pillow

Throwing a little sassy pattern in the mix….

Chartreuse Throw Pillows

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Every room (if it makes sense) should have a pop of chartreuse…  Specifically this chartreuse pillow that I am attempting to use in no less than 4 different projects right now….

Blue Throw Pillows

How this pillow is so cheap, I do not know, but it is a STEAL.

Heart Ottomans

These ottomans are just so darn cute.  I used them in this cute tween bedroom design too.


Just to make the yellow rug say “Yes, I am intentional, and here’s a piece of art to prove it”.  The art is great, but yes, its main purpose was to repeat that bright yellow.


I thought this design deserved to have one more color other than the dominant ones, pink/red and yellow, so I added this cute light blue desk to squeeze in a little more interest….

Rattan Mirror

Love the shape on this mirror and the rattan (along with the hanging chair) is a nice break from all of the color and pattern in this room.

Floor Lamp base & Shade

I am dying over this shade and all the other shades this website offers.  So cute.  I love details that feel this special.

Hanging Chair

Seriously… who doesn’t want/need a hanging chair in their bedroom? The answer is no one.


Guest Suite Progress - The Entry
Guest Suite Progress - The Dining/Study/Hangout

3 comments on “The Bedroom of My Dreams”

  1. What a fun room! We just moved into a new house over the summer and I can’t wait to decorate my new pillow studio space. There will be lots of color and pink, I can assure you!


    P.S. Thanks for including my La Fiorentina pillow in the design!

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