E-Design: Neutral & Glam Master Bedroom


neutral, glam master bedroom

Oh Monday!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been so on top of things that I had a Monday post.  I blog the night before a post goes live, so if I share a post on Monday that means I wrote it on Sunday night.  That really means that I cut my weekend short.  Not really, but that’s what I tell myself.  Sometimes I feel like I live for the weekends.  Come Wednesday night my mood starts perking up, Thursdays are even better, and Fridays, oh man, Fridays are just the best.  Okay, enough reminiscing about the weekend.  I know I’m not alone though.  Basically what I was trying to say is that if I have a Monday post it’s because I’m really excited to share it because there’s just not much that can make me cut my weekend short. 😉

Sometimes when we find our design style it’s easy to stick with it and not stray.  I mean why would you?  Well.. when you are decorating your own house you wouldn’t want to stray from your personal style because that could get a little confusing.  I’m seeing a shabby chic master bedroom with a modern, bohemian, eclectic living room and a contemporary, sleek kitchen to top it off.  Disaster.  Exploring different design styles is fun, but once you find yours, it’s best to stick with it.  Part of having a design centered mind (that means I never stop designing in my head) is that I love to dabble in other design styles.  Lucky for me, not all of my clients have my exact design style, so I get to play!

I’ve been helping a friend with their master bedroom and she sent me an inspiration photo that read cozy, calming and relaxing.  It was a beautiful, neutral bedroom.  Now color is my thing.  You know I have to have it for myself.  But there’s just something about a neutral space that makes me want to curl up and never leave.  The soft vibe that a neutral space gives makes having no color worth it.  So when my friend sent their inspiration photo, I was excited to leave my comfort zone.  Here is what I named a neutral & glam master bedroom:

neutral, glam master bedroom

Everything in the space down to the art is soft.  I did add a few “glam” items (mirror, lamp and rug) to add some interest.  You could always add in soft color through the throw pillows and art and still have a neutral room.  You could also add in louder pops of color and still keep the neutral foundation.

Some of the links are the actual items and others are similar options.  Enjoy!

headboard // rug // nightstand // gold lamp // art // throw pillow // throw pillow // dresser // mirror // table lamps // accent chair




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  1. Spot on description: “cozy, calm & relaxing” – and I adore the inspiration board! I can’t wait to see how the space comes together – because neutral is my comfort zone. 🙂 But the design is neutral without an ounce of boring!

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