DIY Statue Lamp


diy statue lamp

Hey guys!  Last week I shared a glimpse of my horse head lamps on the one room challenge update.  If you’ve read more than a couple of blogposts you’ve probably heard (read) me say that I’m not a DIYer.  And yes, this blog started as a DIY blog.  I’ll be honest, I’d rather buy than make.  Unfortunately, we’re not rich, so I bust out my DIY skills only when it’s necessary to save money.  I mean yes, I’m budget conscious ALL the time but I only DIY when I’m desperate.

I blew most of the budget for our master makeover early on and didn’t leave much for accessories.  I knew I wanted statement table lamps, but it’s hard to find that for under $100 a lamp.  I was browsing Homegoods and came across these horse heads. I immediately saw them as table lamps, so I bought them before I really even thought it through.  I broght them home, pitched my idea to Parker and asked if it was possible.  He said yes (thankfully he rarely says no) and helped my vision come to life.  That was a cheese ball line, but really he did!  I shared this tutorial last week on The Creativity Exchange but wanted to share here if you missed it over there.

diy statue lamp They actually turned out better than I expected!  I didn’t even know if “horse head lamps” existed, but I googled and found that Jonathan Adler carries one for $350.  Pocket change, right?

How to turn a statue into a lamp:

1.  Purchase a hollow statue.  It is very important that the statue is hollow because the wiring will go through it.

2.  Drill a hole in the top of the statue.  We used a 3/8 inch drill bit to drill a hole.

diy statue lamp

3.  Disassemble an old lamp.  (I purchased two from Goodwill.) Keep in mind that you will be disassembling it when deciding what lamp to purchase.  I played around with the two I purchased while in Goodwill.  All lamps are different and will require disassembling in different ways.  One of mine was ceramic so I went at it with a hammer, but the other was metal, so I unscrewed all of the pieces.  This is what you need from the old lamp:

diy statue lamp

4.  Once you’ve drilled your hole, you can insert the wiring up through the bottom and out of the top of the lamp, where you will then reconnect to the neck of the lamp.

diy statue lamp

5. Depending on the shape of the statue, you might have to glue the neck of the lamp down if it doesn’t sit on a flat surface.

6.  Add a bulb and a shade, and you have a $350 look-alike lamp!

diy statue lamp

diy statue lamp

diy statue lamp



diy statue lamp

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30 comments on “DIY Statue Lamp”

  1. I meant to comment about the horse head in your most recent post, but forgot! I did not even realize that it is actually a lamp – how genius and creative!


  2. Claire, I mean REALLY! These are gorgeous, I love horses and these lamps look VERY high end!!
    Great job!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Brad Oliphant

  3. Absolutely adore your idea… I have to start looking on the thrift store differently! My oldest son such a handyman, so I think it will be perfect project for him to do!

  4. I have a similar project on the cards with a ceramic horse head from the local opp shop. So cool seeing yours and it makes me want to get mine done pronto! Question for you: If the cords are coming out through the bottom of the horse head, aren’t they going to wobble a bit sitting on top of the cord? How did you remedy this? I’m considering drilling through the side near the bottom of the statue but if there’s another option I’m overlooking, I’d rather not risk breakage (assuming the first hole goes well!). Thanks!

  5. Great idea, but I’m not to happy that another lamp was destroyed in the process. Im a salvager (if that’s a word) I create one of a kind lamps from multiple ones, and lamp kits are really cheap at Lowes or walmart. But again I love this idea and if I find something like this I would love th do it.

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