DIY Serving Tray


diy serving tray

We are having our first party this weekend.  It’s a “HEY we moved 5 months ago but are just getting around to having people over” sorta thing.  It might be a bust. I will be cringing at the sight of many, many people in our unfinished house, but there will be sangria and that will make it better.  Bust or not, there will be a food spread like no other.  I’m talking hankie pankies, steak bites, mini pizzas, buffalo chicken pinwheels.  “Mini tacos” as Parker says.  Chips. Queso.  It is happening.

And this stylist is going to have that food spread propped on the best of the best serving pieces.  I mentally rounded up our trays and decided it wouldn’t hurt to have one more for those hankie pankies. Plus, DIY Summer School (hosted by Beth from designPOST interiors) is back on this week and the theme is “tool store”.

I made this diy serving tray in under 5 minutes.  I used a tray and added handles that are actually drawer pulls.  It was the fastest diy project I’ve ever done.  Shooting it.. that took a little longer because I had to get those strawberries positioned just right.

diy serving tray

DIY Serving Tray:


  • Tray (Make sure it is food safe.  A cutting board is a safe bet.)
  • Cabinet pulls (these were $3 each)
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Super glue


  1. If you wish for the cabinet pulls to be another color, spray paint with desired color.  I spray painted mine with Rust-Oleum metallic gold.
  2. Use super glue to adhere the pulls to each end of the tray.
  3. That is all.  House your strawberries and anything else that your heart desires on your new serving tray.

diy serving tray

diy serving tray

Only one more session of DIY Summer School left!  Next week’s theme is “found in nature”.  I’m already stumped.  Fall is approaching though…

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Don’t forget to link up your tool store craft!

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  1. I always see these pretty wood cutting boards and I won’t allow myself to buy one because I have cutting boards and our kitchen has very little storage but now I can justify it! It’s a serving tray!! That is like a totally different thing 🙂

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