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DIY Place Cards


diy place card

There might come a time when you realize your guests will be arriving in 15 minutes and you totally forgot place cards.  Place cards are certainly not always necessary, but they are the perfect touch that shows your guests you really went above and beyond even if you didn’t.  So, when the time comes that you realize you have 10 minutes to throw together a last minute touch to be the ultimate hostess in your guests eyes, I put together a few versions of 5 minutes name cards that using items that you probably already have around your house.

Option # 1: pine cone

For this option you simply need a pine cone and card stock paper.  If you don’t have a chance to  bake out the critters (which you probably don’t if you have 10 minutes to get it together), you could place them at the head of each plate instead of on top of each plate.

diy place card

Option # 2: pine cone + pot

This option uses a pine cone and small pot.  I found this pot at Michaels for $.99 and also hoard a few of these in closets and whatnot just because I think they’re so darn cute.

diy place card

Option # 3: pine cone + cinnamon + pot

The last option uses the same pine cone and pot as the above options but I hot glued cinnamon sticks around the pot to give it a little texture.  This option will take a few extra minutes to glue the sticks on the pot.  I tied ribbon around the cinnamon and used a pre-made name tag.  (You could also cut card stock to make your own.)

diy place card



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