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diy marble slab desk

It’s round three of DIY Summer School hosted by Beth from Design Post Interiors.  Beth challenged a group of bloggers to participate in a series where we complete DIY challenges and share them with you (and hope that you participate too).  Round one was an IKEA hack and I created a faux/real flower arrangement (using IKEA artificial flowers).  If you haven’t seen photos of it, you’re probably thinking, “ew”,  but really, it turned out way better than it sounds.  Round two was a DIY thrift.  I shared an 80s floor lamp that got a new life with a coat of spray paint.

diy summer school

This week Beth took it easy on us and gave us a “wild card”.  Ironically, it ended up being harder to come up with an idea this time around.  I like direction. 🙂  I’ve been in need of a desk (a very tiny desk to fit in a very tiny corner of our guest bedroom), so I went all fancy on a cheap target table.  Most people would use this table as a console table, but I like to cram my legs under tiny tables.  It’s all that would fit in our guest corner, but honestly, I’m just glad to have a spot to work other than my couch.

This Target console table was the victim. 15″ deep and 48″ wide.  If you remember awhile back it first served a a console table in our entry.  Then things got real, and I needed a desk.  Our entryway is currently not very entry like.

I painted it navy blue and liked it, but I decided it would get another coat of paint just because.  Actually the guest room is slowly becoming a room I’m not embarrassed of, so I thought the now desk deserved to be a real part of the room.  I have been intrigued with LACQUER SPRAY PAINT (yes, I said lacquer spray paint that I didn’t know existed until now), so I gave it a try.  Honestly, I was really hoping it would turn out better than it did.  For $20 a can (I did two cans + primer), it wasn’t worth it.  I might have applied it wrong (although I’m not sure how you can mess up spray paint?), and it certainly doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look like the luscious lacquer that you see in magazines.  I have heard really good reviews for this spray paint line from blogger friends though.  And the photos on the website are really pretty.  I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has given it a try.

Now for the fun part.  A while back my boss told me about these marble slabs she saw in Crate in Barrel.  She does not have time to DIY but she suggested me carrying out her idea of making a marble top table using the slabs.  And so I did.  The slabs are 16″ x 24″ so they fit PERFECTLY on this console table.  And I mean perfectly.  Remember the length of the table is 48″. Two slabs at 24″ each = 48″.  The slabs are $50 each, so it’s not dirt cheap, but they’re so, so pretty.  The slabs have non-skid feet and I popped them off so they would lay flat on the table.  Also – I did not glue them down to the table because I am not a rational person.  I use the marble slabs as backgrounds for small photoshoots that I share on the blog like this festive mojito recipe, so it’s much easier to move one slab around than my entire desk.  I would recommend gluing the slabs down although they’re not going anywhere.  These babies are heavy!

DIY Marble Slab Desk :

DIY marble slab desk

There is a small gap between the two slabs.  It looks like part of the marble to me.

DIY marble slab desk

DIY marble slab desk

DIY marble slab desk

DIY marble slab desk

diy marble slab desk

table | marble slab | paint

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diy summer school

We would love for you guys to participate too!  It makes it much more fun that way.  Three rounds left.

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    1. It’s a great thing to have! Ha I don’t think rolling out a pie crust will ever be in my future 😉 I’ll just buy a pie and pretend I rolled it out. Btw, I am obsessed with your branded images on your services page. Literally emailed the link to my husband yesterday because I keep telling him I need branded images and he finally said WHAT ARE BRANDED IMAGES. Love yours!

  1. I love love love this Claire! You know im a huge fan of purple and this is just fabulous. I love the marble slabs and i totally undertand what you mean about the lacquer paint. It definite provides shine, but not as shiny as if hoped for either. For a super high gloss i really like Rustoleum Professional spray. The colors are incredibly limited, but the shine is goooood.

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