DIY Copper Planter


diy copper planter

It’s the final week of DIY Summer School hosted by Beth from Design Post Interiors.  I remember when Beth first asked me to be a part of it, I was on that summer high.  You know, early May, when you start to feel like a new person because summer is FINALLY in sight.  I know I’ve told you guys before, but I actually get a bit emotional about the summer months.  I am a happier person I’ve decided, however, once the first day of school rolls around I am over it and immediately ready for fall.  No one has time for 100 degree weather when you can’t enjoy it near the water.

Anyway, I can’t believe this summer series has come to an end.  It’s been fun, and it has forced me to do some DIYs that certainly would not have happened otherwise.  I’m not patient enough for DIY projects (yet here I am with a design blog and a little diy on the side), but when a fun summer series is forcing me to do them, I’m always happy afterwards.

The last week’s theme is “found in nature”.  I’m all about decorating with plants.  Definitely one of my go-tos.  I decided I could probably use another planter.  I’m calling it a DIY copper planter, but it’s actually not copper.  I used cardboard to make a hexagon shape and then used spray adhesive to attach copper metallic color foil paper (find it here).  It was a fairly easy project.

DIY Copper Planter

  1.  Find cardboard.  I used flaps from a small box.  You will need two pieces identical in size.
  2. Divide each piece in three equal pieces.  My cardboard flaps were each 9″, so I made each section 3″.
  3. Fold the cardboard on the lines that you drew marking the 3 pieces.  Tape the ends of each side together to form a hexagon shape.  I taped both the inside and outside of the shape.
  4. Use spray adhesive to attach metallic foil paper to the cardboard.  I went piece by piece (glued one side down then sprayed adhesive on the next until I got all the way around)
  5. Cut flaps on the excess metallic foil paper in line with the cardboard folds.  From here you will fold each metallic flap inside the hexagon.  I used adhesive for this.
  6. My hexagon is hollow, so I just put it around the plant.  I did not want to have a bottom because wet cardboard (when I water the plant) will not work out well.  When I water the plant I will just add a paper towel underneath to absorb the water.

diy copper planter

diy copper planter

diy copper planter

diy copper planter

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diy summer school

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  1. What an easy way to make a great looking planter, I love it! I have so enjoyed getting to you know through this fun summer series, and I will definitely keep up with your beautiful blog 🙂 Hope your summer wraps up well Claire!

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