Design Sponge Feature


design sponge feature

Today something happened that I put on my career bucket list but never actually counted on happening.  OUR HOUSE IS ON DESIGN*SPONGE!!!  And that’s not an April Fool’s either….

Design*Sponge Feature

You can’t be surprised that our home changed since LAST WEEK when I shared our spring home tour on the blog…. Change as in we have a green dining room now.  We painted it the night before the shoot, which is insane and risky, but the color makes me so happy.  Farrow & Ball “Breakfast Room Green” is where it’s at (if you’re into green walls..)

I’d love if you hopped over to check out the feature.  Being featured on Design*Sponge is an absolute dream.  I’ve never been featured on a major site, plus there are A LOT of people over there which is a bit terrifying in the best possible way.


I’ve been a bit off the radar for the past couple of weeks but only because I’ve been preparing for some fun upcoming things (today being one of them).  Starting next week I will be participating in The One Room Challenge as a featured designer and I’m giving a full on makeover to a HUGE, grand, 15 ft ceiling living room.  It’s gonna be good.  I hope.  The makeover will take place over the next 6 weeks, but a lot of work has already gone into it.  Happy weekend!



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  1. Congrats and your home is gorgeous!! I love it that if one thing comes in the house another has to leave. We live in a smaller space too and it makes all the difference!

    1. It really does. I’m either a total hoarder or I decide we have too much stuff and try to throw out our entire house. Parker tells me I’m a monster when I get going on the second.. 😉 It’s what small space living will do to ya!!

  2. Congrats on the feature! Your home is just stunning and I adore how you mix so much vintage into your style. The paint colour? PERFECT CHOICE. I need more green in my life. xxx

  3. That’s pretty cool for sure. Not as cool maybe as interviewing your husband for a Valentine’s Day blog hop, but still pretty darn awesome, congratulations!

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