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A Color Story: Camel, Black, Mustard & Rose


Inspired by: camel, black, mustard & rose

I’m so inspired by this color story and had to share.  If you notice yourself being heavily influenced by seasons, you might be especially drawn to this palette because it feels very fall like.  It feels warm, cozy, and a bit heavy yet still very chic.

Some inspiration…

A Color Story: Camel, Black, Mustard & Rose

Inspired by: camel, black, mustard & rose

Inspired by: camel, black, mustard & rose

Inspired by: camel, black, mustard & rose

Dissecting a bit further….


Camel inspo




Camel is hands down the best color in this palette.  It brings the most to the table.  Camel (tan) is my absolute favorite color to incorporate in an interior.  You can truly never go wrong with a tan leather accent.


Black inspo

The black + camel combo is what makes this palette so great.  The mustard and rose accents are just that – accents.  Black + camel really sets the tone for this palette and creates the rich factor.


Mustard Inspo

The mustard competes with the camel just a bit, which I love.  It takes what was already a rich combo, black + tan, and brings it to the next level.


Rose inspo

A bit of softness is needed with this rich combo.  Blush/rose is the perfect tone to contrast with the mustard, black + camel.


Get the Look:


camel pillow (BOUCLE) | camel chair (TUFTED) | camel pouf (LEATHER)  

mustard pillow (VELVET) | mustard curtain (SEEDLING)  | mustard rug (ISFAHAN)

black clock (STATEMENT) | black table (NERO) | black turntable (CROSLEY)  

rose votive (FEATHERED) | rose shams (MAGICAL) | rose drawer pulls (FLORAL)


header image sources (left to right, by row):

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

bedroom: feathered arbour

kitchen: c-more

bedroom: bloggai bagis

camel inspiration: | 1 | 2 |

black inspiration: | 1 | 2 |

mustard inspiration: | 1 | 2 |

rose inspiration: | 1 | 2 |

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  1. This is very close to my master bedroom palette!! Love this color combo so very, very much, and I did not think I was a pink girl until I combined it with warmer colors.

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