Color Crush: Cobalt Blue


Blue……. I just can’t get enough lately.  I’ve never been a blue person in my life, and I don’t know what has drawn me to it, but man, I’m hooked.  I  mentioned in my 2015 interior design trend predictions that I think blue will be big this year and that was even before I had fallen in love.  I appreciated other spaces with the color, but I couldn’t imagine my own space with it.  Now that I’m starting fresh with our home, I’ve noticed myself wanting to add more and more blue.  To me the best part of blue is that the shades mix beautifully.  I love the way cobalt and teal play off of each other.

Here are the spaces that I blame my blue crush on –

cobalt blue

Emily Henderson

cobalt blue

Katherine Vo

cobalt blue

Nate Berkus

cobalt blue

Tamra Sanford

cobalt blue


I think I could daydream about the spaces all day long.  They’re just so good. But fear not… you don’t have to have a dreamy, luxurious sofa to have a bold, blue space!  I also love these rooms that add blue through art and accessories.

cobalt blue

Meg Shackleton

cobalt blue


Or even the tiniest pop of blue… I’m talking one pillow tiny.  Still does it for me.

cobalt blue

Daniel Romualdez 

cobalt blue


cobalt blue

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

I painted our console table with the Velvet Finishes paint color and I love how it transformed the space. I have a yard of the navy,velvet fabric and am trying to decide what I want to cover in it – it’s a bold move but that fabric is oh so yummy.  The picture of it doesn’t even do it justice.  I love the pair of lamps but know that I can find something similar but reasonable at Homegoods.  And that wallpaper… I’ve been crushing on that for way too long.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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