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“College Cool”


College Cool Style

My baby sister is weeks away from graduating high school and then will be going off to college.  I was eight years old when she was born and remember so clearly toting her around like she was my little baby doll.

Camille’s teen bedroom was my VERY first decorating project to take on.  We came up with the plan and then got the okay (budget approval) from my parents.  She let me do what I wanted (which really was what I thought she wanted) with her room and then she loved it.  It really is a pretty cute room….

Since then I’ve done several rooms (okay almost every room) in my parents’ house.  It’s become the norm that I’m always working on a room in their house.  I wasn’t going to bug Cam to let me have her college room just because I thought she might want this one, but about a month ago I got a text saying “soooo are you doing my college room???”  ……..Duh…….

I started a Pinterest board for Cam’s dorm room, and I’m calling it “college cool”.  The sunglasses emoji is needed after saying college cool.  I want it to feel so relaxed yet inspiring for her.  I want it to be a place to get her creative juices going.  I think she has a major creative streak in her, and I’m so excited for her to discover new passions and interests through college. This is the look/style/vibe we decided on –

College Cool Style

top lefttop right | middle left middle right |  bottom left | bottom right

Yeah, maybe that’s boho, but it’s college cool for this project.

Dorm rooms aren’t typically the most charming spaces, so I want to add elements to create that cozy charm.  Plants (real or faux), natural texture through baskets, interesting art and SO MUCH COLOR.  That’s a must for a college dorm, right?

Cue Desenio.  They are a Swedish brand that has great, affordable Scandinavian Art posters.  Most of the posters are around $20 (depending on size they can be $10 – $40) and shipping is free if you spend over $45.  They reached out and asked me to choose a few of my favorite posters from their site.  After taking a look, I knew this would be the perfect starting point for Camille’s dorm room.

College Cool Style

Cactus Poster | Cactus Poster

I chose two cactus posters that I thought would help set the tone in Camille’s room.  Oh, and this is totally my guest room that I just started styling away with my own knick-knack inventory.  (I now have a closet dedicated to my STUFF.)  Since we can’t get in her dorm room until she moves in (and really have no idea what it will look like), I’m using our empty guest room as a guinea pig….

College Cool Style

That floral fabric at the end of the bed is by one of my FAVORITE textile designers – Luru Home.  That piece really lives in my living room as a table skirt but I was just pulling from around the house for inspiraiton here.

College Cool Style

How great is that leopard ottoman cube??? It’s from Tonic Living.  They recently started making those cubes and I now want one in every fabric.  Leopard is a good fabric to start with though.

College Cool Style

I also got those little black clips, which say college cool for sure.  You can’t have a college cool bedroom without poster clips.

I’m pretty excited for her to get to college.  I think she’s going to love it.  Oh and she’ll only be 30 minutes down the road from us!!  She has such an independent and creative spirit that I’m not sure she even recognizes yet.  My hope is that she keeps growing into the kind and genuine person she already is.

She will be moving into her dorm room late this summer – You better believe this one is getting a reveal post.  It’s my baby sister’s college dorm room!!!


*Thank you to Desenio for sponsoring this post.  I am grateful to partner with brands who support this blog.  Desenio is offering you all 25% your order through this Thursday, May 11th.  Code is CLAIREBRODY25

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  1. She will have the best dorm room or 1/2 dorm room ever 🙂 Mollie moved quite a few times during college and we had a great time decorating each time – dorm room, apartments, sorority house and back to an apartment! Enjoy. It’s such an exciting time for y’all to share!

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