Client Laid Back Transitional


client laid-back transitional

A few months ago I announced that I was giving away a free e-design.  There weren’t many requirements to “enter”, and my intention was to choose one person who needed a room makeover and was willing to start with a clean slate.  Well, I ended up choosing two great people because I fell in love with both of their stories via email.  Today I am sharing the beginning process for client laid back transitional.

Ashley’s first line of her email was this: “I never do this!  But my desire to create a home that has purpose, provides inspiration, and oh yeah…has some style, is the driving force behind this email.”  Hooked?  Me too.  I instantly fell in love with Ashley’s laid back quirk and wanted to help her family create a space they love.

The family purchased the home one year ago with intentions of putting lots of work into it.

“Our living room/gathering room is such a blank space with so much potential; however, we are overwhelmed by it’s emptiness and lack of hominess, that we don’t know even know where to begin.  We are lost with the questions…how do we maximize this rooms potential, function, and layout?  While we certainly have the skills do it, we seem to be paralyzed at this point.  How do make this room our gathering place?  How can we use the cozy fireplace to our advantage and make this space more homey?  How do we make this the place where family and friends come to sit, relax, visit, and never want to leave?  How do we ensure we do this with style and without fear of the drab and dreary?”




Before Those before photos are tears of joy inducing befores.  A totally clean slate and a GORGEOUS one at that.  Those windows??  I’m really excited for this one to say the least.

After Ashley completed my client questionnaire, we started pinning together on a secret board.  The clients I’ve worked with in the past all fall on a different point of the “I know my style” odometer.  Ashley had probably the strongest understanding of what her family’s style is.

If I had to pick one style for us, it would be traditional.  We love classic, timeless pieces that are comfortable and durable (because I mentioned above my two cute boys!).  We love modern, clean lines, coupled with simple, natural elements.  But let’s face it, we also love nothing more than those amazing vintage finds, those repurposed items, and those eye catching pieces that are great conversation starters!”

Below are some of the pins from our inspiration board (all pinned by her).

client laid-back transitional

images left – right: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

All of these images read transitional.  Traditional and transitional can be intertwined sometimes, but the difference is that a transitional room looks somewhat traditional but has clean, modern lines.

It can be easy to gather inspiration images that read anything and everything from bohemian to traditional to glam.  They’re all beautiful spaces, so why can’t we have them all?  Well, I love nothing more than mixing styles, but in order to really nail down a style for the space, there must be a common theme or look in the inspiration images.  That’s where I come in.  I ask the client to pin anything they love and tell me why they love it.  From there I gather images that all have a common theme and explain to them what I think they are most drawn to based on the images they love most.  Ashley didn’t need much help deciding what she loves most.  Her pins show that she loves a transitional space.  The above images all have a similar look, but the way each space feels varies quite a bit.  I created 4 levels of transitional to help nail down a very specific style.  I explained to Ashley that how a space feels is the most important factor (imo).  While level one might be beautiful, she might want the space to feel more cozy, which is what level four is going to give.  She might love the coziness of level four, but maybe she wants it to feel more put together.  (Just some things to consider.)

Transitional Home Decor Style

“Wes and I spent some time looking over your visual and talking about the feel that we want for our space.  (Side note:  this is so fun!)  We decided we are a level 2.5!  We like the “look” of a level one with all the neutrals and textures (especially the rustic refined), but a level 1 definitely feels more glam and put together.  And while we like a level four, it might just be too much busyness for the more calming/relaxed feeling we are shooting for here in this space.  So we definitely loved the level two with adding in additional neutrals like navy and a little more personality and we loved the depth of the level 3 with adding some additional color or warmth to the space.  We just weren’t all in on the level 3 since we don’t want the space to overall feel too dark or heavy, if that makes sense.”

I think a level 2.5 is the best of both worlds.  It looks AND feels transitional which means refined, put together yet very warm and cozy.  We successfully nailed down the family’s style and now starts the fun part: We get to play with actual pieces.  And what to do with those windows/fireplace…. This shall be fun!!




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