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A Classic Yet Modern, Neutral Rich Living Room


classic modern neutral rich living room

I can’t believe this day came.  Three weeks ago I didn’t think this would come together, but it did, and I couldn’t be happier.  More importantly, my parents couldn’t be happier.  They are in love with the space, and while I treated this project like my own child, seeing them happy was the ultimate goal.

We started with lots of tan and gold and ended with every shade of neutral you can possibly imagine done in a way that feels bold to me. This was my first ever all neutral room, so it was a huge challenge, but now I’m wondering why MY house isn’t layers and layers of neutrals.  It feels so cozy.  I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’ll share the “what” and “why” to every decision made next week.  I did share the sources to all items in today’s post – if you see something without a source/can’t find the source, just leave a note in the comments and I’ll add it.

Today is very photo heavy.  Fear not because every single inch of this space is shown in photographs below.  My friend and photographer, Kayla, graciously drove to Lufkin with me (4 hours each way!!!!) to shoot the room and I literally cried when she sent me the edited photos.  So many hours of work went into this project, and Kayla is so talented and photographed this space beautifully.  I’m so happy to wrap up this project, but the experience really was a good one for me.

Week 1: And So It All Begins

 Week 2: We’ve Got a Plan

Week 3: Painful Progress

Week 4: The Power of Paint

Week 5: We’re on a Roll

First, I have before shots to compare because those are the best part of a reveal post.


ORC before


classic modern neutral rich living room




classic modern neutral rich living room


ORC before


classic modern neutral rich living room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

paint color |coffee table | black leather chairs | round accent table

classic modern neutral rich living room

table lamp (vintage) similar | dogs | vase | tray

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

chairs (vintage): option 1 | option 2

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

marbleized throw pillows | hutch (vintage) similar | Casa art | woven side table | leather and metal side table | woven throw blanket

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

lamp | tortoise hurricane vase

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

floor lamp | hide throw | charcoal throw pillows 

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

marble tile | mirror | wall sconces | fireplace screen | Black and white circles art | Lines artInk art | Lady art | succulents

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

coffee table

neutral rich living room

python tray

neutral rich living room

neutral rich living room

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

pendant | custom drapes | drapery hardware | rug | statement artframe

neutral rich living room

end table

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room

Sofa FabricThrow | Pillows L-R: Moroccan Pillow |  Leather Pillow | Crocheted PillowIvory Linen Pillow | Moroccan Pillow | Solid Velvet Pillow

Classic Yet Modern Neutral Living Room


Photography: Kayla Snell 

And that’s a wrap.  Next week I’ll be back with more details than you want to know about this room. I’ll also share the budget details (not sure if anyone is interested in that, but I always find myself wondering when I see a room makeover).

Thanks for following along and for all of the words of encouragement!  Be sure to check in with the fellow bloggers’ reveals!  I am so excited to see them all.  And tomorrow is part two of the One Room Challenge reveals!!! So many pretty rooms too see.

A huge thank you to Linda for dreaming up this crazy idea and making it all happen (and so successfully).  She is the reason we have so many pretty spaces to see today!!!

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153 comments on “A Classic Yet Modern, Neutral Rich Living Room”

  1. Clair, my jaw is in the floor, the space you created for your parents is so beautiful & curated. (my Orc is also a space for my parents) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Congrats!!! Hollie

  2. What a dramatic transformation Claire! High five girl! I know your parents are thrilled and so proud of all of your hard work and design vision for this space. I want all of the art! Such great pieces. 🙂

  3. This is my first year of witnessing the One Room Challenge and I am blown away. Look what I’ve been missing. Spectacular job. Love the windows!

  4. This is just insanely good. You almost don’t notice what great bones the room has in the befores, but now you’ve worked your magic, the space just shines. I am blown away – I love everything. Now I’ll stop gushing and go edit my photos so I can link up tomorrow too!

  5. Your room is just stunning. I absolutely love the palate and feel the same way about layered neutrals lately…they just feel good to be in. The rug, chairs and layers of textiles are just so good and that fireplace gives me heart palpatations…love that you left is as wood rather than painting. Everything feels so effortless and chic…elegant with some edge. Amazing, amazing job!

  6. Girlfriend, it is so funky and fresh, fun and eclectic all at once. WOW!!!! All that hard work most certainly paid off!!! (And my favorite is that you did it for your parents!!!!) Love your style and your heart! xx

  7. What a transformation Claire! Love every thought out detail and what a difference just changing the paint colour and installing neutral drapes higher. The room looks right out of the pages of House Beautiful. Congrats!

  8. GIRL! I can NOT believe you pulled this room together in six weeks. It looks like a trove of things that have been collected over decades. SO good. I love how the yellow chairs feel like a nod to the original paint color. BRAVO!

    1. Yes! I was going to write exactly what Dominique said, “I can NOT believe you pulled this room together in six weeks. It looks like a trove of things that have been collected over decades.”
      Just gorgeous.

  9. WOW, what a beautiful and major transformation Claire! It’s amazing how white paint instantly brightens this room! I love all your vignettes, throws, art and of course that those light fixtures! Bravo on yet another beautiful ORC room in the books my friend! XOXO, Sarah

  10. It turned out AMAZING! I keep scrolling through and can’t decide which moment is my favorite. I love it all!

    1. Thank you Hannah! I didn’t have a favorite moment in the room either for a while because I was in it every day and had to see the slow progress. I think I’m going to stay loyal to the fireplace being my favorite because that’s what the vision was originally built around! Thanks for following along, xx!

  11. Claire, I always love seeing how you style gems that I’ve coveted from Room Service! Every sofa I’ve bought in my adult life has come from there haha. The room looks so beautiful!

  12. Claire, what a great eclectic space. I think the thing I’m taking away from this crop of ORC featured rooms is the use of color in sophisticated ways. I love the golden chairs mixed into a room with such a traditional looking mantle. The texture in the space is to die for. What a pleasure it is to study this space. Congrats! My reveal is tomorrow as a guest participant, I would love to get your opinion on it. 🙂

    1. HAHA yes soooo many different versions of the same colors!!! It was such an interesting experience putting it all together… I felt like it was going to be lame and boring as I was designing it just because my natural instinct is to use COLOR and lots of it! Thank you, Corinna!

  13. Wow, so many fab finds, great choices and beautiful result! Well done! Maybe too much to list. Too much. I would love to see that mirror with fewer items crowding it out, and that stunning coffee table with more surface area showing. Maybe I’m just all about the negative space right now? And that rug is the best.

    1. Thanks, Lesley! I too would like to see a version of the coffee table showing more surface area! The good thing is that it’s my parents house, so I can play and rearrange every time I’m home! As for the mantel, I was worried that the scale of the mirror would be off on the mantel as the mirror is so narrow. I know what you mean about negative space though – As I’m looking at the photos I’m wondering what it would look like with less styling!

  14. Holy WOW! This room came together beautifully! I’m in awe of how you layered the textures/patterns/details in this space. It all works so well! Fabulous work!

  15. Oh my! I love every nook and cranny and object in your space! just the right bit of eccentric vibe, yet oh-so chic! You, my dear, are genius!

  16. Claire! It looks soooo amazing. What a gorgeous room. Your parents must be so thrilled. You nailed it….classic, warm and modern all at the same time. Congratulations! xo

  17. Claire, I’m almost at a loss for words! You absolutely killed it. This is coming from someone that also loves color, so it takes a lot for me to feel excited about a neutral room! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. I am such a fan!

  18. Wow!!! What a dramatic change.. Love everything. I like how you mixed different time periods and vibes to pull together a great design. Congratulations!!!

  19. I have been following along this ORC and had been looking forward to seeing ur finished room the most ever since I saw the mood board. It is so totally worth the wait!! Your parents must be ecstatic!

  20. You Killed It!! Great job!!! One of my absolute favorites!! I will definitely be using this as inspiration for a few of my upcoming projects 🙂

  21. Girl you outdid yourself on this one! I am not surprised at all and literally Elle Decor needs to come calling cause this project is off the chain! How happy are your parents:)

    1. Ha! They are so happy. It’s so unlike the rest of their house, but I have my mom convinced we need to make our way to the rest of the house now….. We did paint most of the downstairs in the same F&B white color so that is helping for now..

  22. Wow…what a stunning room. You really show how layers and layers of textures just make a space so personal and beautiful. My favorite pieces have to be the rug and the coffee table, though the artwork is pretty spectactular too.

  23. What an amazing transformation! The room is gorgeous! I LOVE those white walls!! I have been contemplating painting our living room white and after seeing your post I know it has to happen now. Your design is a major inspiration!

  24. Wow, Claire!!! It’s so much fun to see your gift of design and passion in this room! What an incredible space you’ve created for your parents, it has so much character, I’ll be pouring over the details! BIG congrats!!!

  25. Claire,

    I came across your One Room Challenge design on IG and all I can say is WOW. Your use of neutrals, textures, pops of colors weaves everything together beautifully. Well done and I’m sure your parents are ecstatic!

    I’ll have to keep an eye on your work in the months to come. I’m expecting my second little one in the midst of a home build and I need all the decor ideas I can get. This mommy brain can only think of so much🙄☺️.

    Xo from another Austinite,

    Ashley Behnke Design

  26. ahhh CLAIRE this is amazing, such a great job. I love everything you did. It’s amazing how raising the curtains up above the window makes the room feel 2x the size. LOVE it, you nailed it. Congrats. xx

  27. Amazing, stunning and beautiful, Claire!! I love your attention to detail. The white walls was such an amazing idea. The before and afters are unbelievable!! Your parents must be so happy and in awe of your talent!!

    1. Thanks so much!!!

      UMMM how much are you loving working in that stunning space??? I am seriously considering moving to Atlanta (my in laws live there so I have somewhere to live) and attempt to beg at your door to let me work there so I can just sit and stare all day. I know you all must be thrilled!

  28. AMAZEBALLS! At first I couldn’t believe that it was even the same room. Your parents are super lucky to have do such an incredible job. I love everything about it!

    Great job!

  29. My goodness…you did an amazing job. What a fabulous room. It’s chic and sophisticated with a cool vibe. I could move right in. I love what you did….such a wonderful space. Congratulations on a job well done.

  30. I feel like I’m looking at a swanky Parisian room straight from the pages of Vogue or Elle Decor. Fantastic job, Claire! I’m sure your parents are thrilled with this marvelous space you’ve created for them to enjoy! Well done, friend!

  31. Oh my gosh Claire I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to add a comment to this post because I’ve looked at it so many times! I’m in love with this transformation – seeing the room become so light and contemporary was so much fun! I love the mix you brought to the space and the layers of details with your styling!

  32. Beautiful! Love it, love it! The Mies van der Rohe style chairs and the vintage yellow chairs (love) mixed with the antiques…you really can’t go wrong with that.

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