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Anne Brookshire

Today I’m teaming up with a group of designers to talk about something that should be talked about more often: the talented people that photograph our work.  The truth is, these photographers take these spaces that we create and capture them in a way that few can do.  Jana Bek came up with this blog hop concept and gathered 24 of us to share about the photographers we wish to highlight.  Below are the photographers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Kayla Snell 

Kayla Snell Photography

I discovered Kayla on Instagram and have worked with her on numerous projects.  (I think just about every image on my Instagram is credited to her.)  I love her eye and really just love watching her work as she is so kind and humble.  She shoots lifestyle, portraits, food, travel, interiors and recently started shooting weddings.  (Check out this styled shoot.  I die.)

Kayla Snell Photography

Kayla’s Website | Kayla’s Instagram


Anne Brookshire 

Anne Brookshire

Anne Brookshire is a friend from my hometown and is a natural light wedding photographer.  Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll see how crazy talented she is.  While she doesn’t typically shoot interiors, she shot my parents’ guest room last year and I still drool over those photos.

Anne Brookshire

Anne’s Website | Anne’s Instagram


Chelsea Laine Francis 

Chelsea Laine Francis

I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea last year to shoot our master bedroom.  Chelsea is a favorite to follow on Instagram (that’s how I originally found her) as her personality just draws you in.  She’s a big timer as she has shot for Apartment Therapy, Tribeza and Glitter Guide to name a few.  I love how Chelsea captures color so rich and vibrantly.  Seriously check her out if you don’t already follow!
Chelsea Laine Francis

Chelsea’s Website | Chelsea’s Instagram

Jenna McElroy 


Jenna is one of my best friends and truly so gifted as a photographer.  She is a film photographer and captures people in a way that isn’t done often.  Her work tells a story – rich stories that draw you in.  Jenna and her work are in high demand.  She shoots around Texas and also loves traveling for weddings, so if you are looking for a wedding photog, you must check her out.


Jenna’s Website | Jenna’s Instagram

Laura Dominguez 

Laura Dominguez

Laura helps out with the blog and design work, but she is also a talented photographer.  She hasn’t shot any of my projects as I desperately need all of the design assistance I can get from her, but she does shoot and work for another Austin lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles.  Laura can literally do it all – interiors, styling, photography……. It goes without saying that I am incredibly grateful for this one.

Laura Dominguez

Laura’s Website | Laura’s Instagram

Okay, below are the 23 designers that I am teaming up with whom are also sharing the photographers they’ve worked with and a bit about each.

A Storied Style

Abby Manchesky Interiors

AE Design

Amanda Louise Interiors

Anna Matthews Interiors

Ash Street Interiors

Austin Bean Design Studio

Christine Dovey

Claire Brody Designs

Comfy Cozy Couture

Décor Happy

Design Manifest

House of Jade Interiors

Jana Bek Design

Lexi Westergard Design

Lisa Mende Design

Maddie Hughes Designs

Megan Pflug Designs

Michelle Adams of the Maryn Blog

MrsParanjape of Redo Home + Design

Design Indulgence by Sherry Hart

Sita Montgomery Interiors

Stephanie Kraus Designs

Studio McGee

DIY Wood Plank Floors
A Nursery Design With a $1000 Budget

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  1. Great post! I’ve been thinking a LOT about interior photographers lately, as I’m currently looking for one to shoot my work! Kudos on finding so many talented ones!

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