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A Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom Design


Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom Design

Deanna recently came to me about her twelve year old daughter, Katelyn’s, bedroom.  A bit from Deanna about the space.

” I don’t want the space to feel little girl-ish. It was originally done when she was 6 & she has long outgrown the current decor. I want something that fits her tween and teen years without being so trendy that it will have to be redone in 2 years.  She is trendy, so she likes coral & mint right now (even if she’s on the tail end of the combo). She is always obsessed with all things Paris and has been for years. I would like to avoid dark colors (like it currently is) since she has a small window and her room faces east on the backside of the house, so it gets very little natural light.”

Bright Poppy Teen Bedroom BEFORE:

Bright Poppy Teen Bedroom BEFORE

Bright Poppy Teen Bedroom BEFORE Bright Poppy Teen Bedroom BEFORE

We pinned together on Pinterest for a bit and from there I was able to gain a solid idea of what both Katelyn and her mom were hoping to achieve.  My main goal was to create something that Katelyn loves now as well as through her teen years.  She loves the color combo, coral and teal, so I wanted to build off of that.  Coral and teal are seen together a lot, and in an attempt to create something that Katelyn would not tire of, I made the combo more dimensional by adding to it.

Katelyn loved the idea of a glitter wall, but that was one thing that I explained she might not be crazy about as a teenager.  As as alternative, I suggested these gold dot decals that are also non-permanent for the ceiling as a fun accent.  Katelyn also LOVED the idea of a hanging chair.  So a hanging chair we did.

For the paint color I suggested two light and breezyy (yet still color) options.  Deanna explained that the room felt very dark and heavy because of the lack of natural light combined with the green paint color.  She suggested going lighter with the walls, and I agreed.

My first choice for wall color was Sherwin Williams Intimate White, which is a very soft and light shade of pink.  I wasn’t sure if Katelyn would want more color, and if so, I suggested Sherwin Williams Comical Coral, which is a soft shade of coral.  Both colors would go well with the design.

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom Design

headboard | art | nightstand | bedding | throw pillow | ottoman | hanging chair | sconces | mirror | dresser | area rug (similar) | desk

Katelyn and Deanna both loved the general direction of the design plan, but Katelyn wasn’t too sure about the cactus art.  I explained that the colors in the art brought all of the colors in the room together, but that I could put together a few options that also work well with the color scheme.

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom Art Alternatives

option 1 | option 2 | option 3 | option 4

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom

option 1 art alternative

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom

option 2 art alternative

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom

option 3 art alternative 

Bright Poppy Tween Bedroom

option 4 art alternative

I’m not sure which art option they went with, but I am way too excited to photograph this space!

Happy weekend!



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