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Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery


Parker and I started fostering a 21 month old angel baby 4 weeks ago today.  I can’t possibly put into words what life is like now, but I do know that becoming a foster parent has been the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever done but it’s also brought me more joy than I’ve ever experienced thus far.  Life feels very rich right now.

After Parker and I were knee deep in the process of becoming certified to foster, I started thinking about the child’s room design.  We didn’t know the child’s gender, child’s age (although we set our range for 0-3, so I knew it would be somewhere in there) or the child’s personal interests.  It was slightly hard to find a starting point for the room given I had no restrictions or requests from the little human, but it was challenging in a good way.

As i’ve made my way through our home decorating each room,I made it a priority to stick to a cohesive color palette in all rooms.  I think this makes such a difference in the overall flow of a home.  I’ve been working with a neutral palette and lots of natural accents.  The kitchen has rich color (olive cabinets and clay colored tile (saltillo) and while yes, that is COLOR, it feels like natural color because of the richness in the hues (and also because olive and clay shades are found in nature).

That being said, I didn’t want for the child’s room to be neutral because why not try to design a color rich room that’s gender neutral?  I wanted this room to be special and “stick out” in our home.  Stick out just enough but also flow……  I decided on pops of primary colors with a really rich foundation/backdrop…..

Once I had a general idea of what I wanted to achieve, I reached out to the amazing people at Wayfair to see if they’d like to partner.  They agreed (!) and I presented my nursery plan to them.  I’m so so so happy with how this special room turned out.  It has so much personality and is perfect for our little guy.

(All sources are listed at the end of this post.)

Here’s a before shot of this room from last January.


Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

That dresser is now my go-to when sourcing changing tables for nurseries.  It’s PERFECT.  And the brand makes a tray that fits on top for the diaper changing.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

This chair is special to us.  It was one of the first vintage pieces we purchased together and such a favorite.  It was Parker’s chair in our last rental but I couldn’t find a spot for it in this house and almost sold it!!! I’m so glad it didn’t sell though (I did have a high price on it because we really didn’t want to part) because it’s so special having it in the nursery now.

That tall dresser is another vintage piece in this room.  We had it in our guest room in our last house and was another piece I just couldn’t part with even though we didn’t have a spot for it in this house for several months.

The rug is Dash and Albert and 60% off right now.  I also linked a similar option at the end of this post.

This crib is amazing and at such a great price point. (Also now a go-to when sourcing for nurseries as it comes in several colors.)   We opted for the convertible option since our age range was 0-3.  We raised it for photos because it looks better raised but of course we have it lowered for the babe sleeping in there now.   Since he’s almost two, we’ll be converting it to the toddler bed soon, and I’m interested to see how that goes.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

Custom bed skirts… just yes.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

Precious lil giraffe rocker...

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

I love the bold pop of color that the citrus bedding adds.  (I wanted to have yellow, blue, green and red/orange make an appearance in the room.) The quality is great too.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

The art is vintage and every piece means something to us.  Some are from grandmothers, some are from travel and some are pieces that I’ve just acquired over the years.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery That wooden stool is an antique that I bought and traveled home with from Africa (!!) and the garden stool is new but looks like it could be an antique.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

The photographer, Reagen, styled this photo with the book and that page makes me cry.  So sweet.

Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery

The paint color is Farrow and Ball Book Room Red.  Am I crazy for going with such a bold, rich color on the walls in a nursery? Maybe………. but man, I LOVE it.

Farrow and Ball Book Room Red

The bedskirts were custom made from this amazing Kravet fabric from DecoratorsBest. I incorporated this fabric to tie the nursery in with the rest of the house and also because I wanted a touch of unexpected.

Kravet Fabric

The drapes were also custom made with a denim fabric.  This Lee Jofa fabric from DecoratorsBest is a similar option.

Lee Jofa Fabric

And every other pieces in the room is from Wayfair.  They just have such a wide variety of items in every single category (both high and low items), so Wayfair is usually the first place that I go when sourcing items.


*Reagen Taylor Photography

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19 comments on “Bold, Gender Neutral Nursery”

  1. This truly reinforces my belief that there is so much good in this world. What a beautiful room and home and family to give this sweet child. What a gift.

  2. You really killed it. And Wayfair was smart to partner with you; I never would have believed you could get such a unique look using pieces from their site. Love!

  3. How wonderful what you and Parker are doing!! My mom advice: don’t rush to move him out of the crib. Closer to 3 is better for moving to a toddler bed.

    1. Really good to know! I’ve just googled (as I do with every single question/thought/idea) “when to move to toddler bed” and have read around two. But I am SO dreading that!!! So good to know that you can wait it out!!

  4. I have 2 adopted children and I know every feeling you are experiencing. It is wonderful beyond words and scary too. I hope you are given the option to adopt if that is what you want. The room is just perfect for many years to come. I love the colors used.

  5. First, my friends who have adopted have been so thankful for the people who fostered their little ones. What a wonderful, giving, exciting, terrifying thing to do. But what a blessing for all involved. I feel silly saying this since I only know you from IG and here but I’m twice your age so I’ll just say it – I’m proud of you, too. Seeing young couples do the “right thing” is so encouraging. It gives everyone hope.
    Second, the room is adorable ( not a shocker, you talented girl!!) I love all the color – it’s so warm and comforting. I love the nod to your African trip and family pieces. And you are so smart to have a bed in there – one of the best things someone advised me to do when I decorated my daughter’s nursery 27 years ago!! I love it all.

    1. Marcie, thank you so much!! You are always so kind!

      It really does take a village and I love that we’re a part of this little one’s village :).

      Ha the bed is getting some use!!! Never knew how little sleep I actually need until now 😉

  6. Wow, Claire! That is awesome! I am a regular reader of your blog and couldn’t figure out what you have been up to (you have been so quiet) — but now that I know, it is so much more amazing than anything I could have imagined. I can’t help but think of my favorite line from Mary Oliver: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” What an answer you have to that question.

    Best wishes and good vibes across cyberspace. It really does take a village.

    PS: The bedroom looks amazing!

    1. Thank you Brooke, I really appreciate it! I have been quiet over here I think because foster care has been so consuming of my mind (and I totally wanted it to be that way). Now that we’re getting settled and things are starting to feel a bit more “normal”, I can feel myself wanting/needing an outlet…. Not sure if I’ll start blogging again like I used to but something I’m thinking about right now…

      And OMG I love that quote!! One of my biggest motivations for getting involved in foster care is that I want my life to be “spent and not saved”. Someone else said that while we were in the early stages of deciding if we wanted to do this and I couldn’t let it go. 🙂

      Thanks again for the well wishes 🙂 Greatly appreciated.

  7. Wow, love this! Such a gift you’re giving to that little one, and him to you, I’m sure! Also, thanks so much for the inspiration. I’m due in 2 months and haven’t set up the nursery at all yet (although we do have the furniture). We have a super similar setup in terms of closet doors and windows- good to know that I can put the dresser in front of our floor to ceiling windows. Wasn’t sure how I was going to swing the arranging with the twin bed in there too!

    1. Hey Callie! Thank you – yes he’s for sure a gift to us!!! Ugh such an angel!!

      And yeah I struggled with the layout. I don’t like putting furniture in front of windows but function won over design this time… but I’m actually really liking being able to look out the window when changing him!

      Congrats and best wishes with your little one on the way!

  8. I know I’ve already told you this, but I’m so excited for y’all! What an amazing and difficult and rewarding experience. This room is so perfect for that age range! I love that you’ll be able to use it again for another child (if you get another placement). And how perfect that you still have the chair! Love love love it all.

    1. Thank you Sarah! You nailed it with amazing and difficult and rewarding all at the same time…

      And yes! That was my hope! We’ll see what happens in our future, but would love to keep using this room for more babies!

  9. This is one of the most unique and gorgeous nurseries I’ve ever seen, and for such a lucky little munchkin! So happy for you and your sweet foster son. I second the idea of not moving him from the crib until you absolutely have to (i.e. he’s climbing out or is super tall and doesn’t fit anymore). Knowing they are safely in their crib is so comforting, as opposed to wandering the house because they got out of bed!

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