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Boho Eclectic Bedroom: The Details


boho eclectic bedroom

Well, things seem to be moving a bit slow over here since The One Room Challenge ended.  Not much has changed except I decided I don’t like the cheetah over the bed.  Sometimes it takes seeing an item in a photograph for me to realize that I love or hate it.  There’s usually not a lot of hate after photographs, but I decided that cheetah takes away from the wallpaper wall not in a good way.  So cheetah has found a new home under the bed, but you still get to see him in the photos.

Our boho eclectic bedroom has a lot going on and a lot of details that I’m going to share.  The big question has been how the wallpaper was applied in a temporary way.  I HAD to have this wallpaper.  Like I saw it, purchased immediately and didn’t know how it was going to get on the walls, but I knew we would figure it out.  We are renting, so applying traditional wallpaper isn’t an option. The logical answer here is removable wallpaper.  I even rounded up my favorite patterns here.  Why didn’t I listen to my own advice?  I HAD to have this wallpaper.  Sometimes love outweighs logic over here.

How To Apply Wallpaper in a Non-Permanent Way:

Let me just say that this isn’t some genius idea, but it works.  Temporarily.  I actually saw the idea on a thread on Apartment Therapy.  Similar situation – a girl wanted a specific wallpaper but was renting and the landlords (her future in laws) didn’t want permanent wallpaper.  She asked the Apartment Therapy readers for ideas to apply the wallpaper in a non permanent way.  They all went on tangents and said the bigger issue was that she is a control freak and needed to let it go.  Ha.  How dare they?  One commenter suggested nailing foam board to the wall(s) and then applying the wallpaper to that.  So that’s what we did.

1. Measure your wall(s).

2.  Purchase foam board to cover your wall(s).  We ended up purchasing about 7 tri-fold boards for our wall.  These boards are $1.00 each.

3.  Nail foam board to wall(s).  We used very skinny nails to avoid holes in the walls when we move out.  We used an exact-o knife to cut pieces to fit around the windows.  Nail all ends of the foam board down as it will want to warp when the paste dries.

4.  Use wallpaper paste to apply wallpaper to foam board.

I only suggest doing this if you are like me and come across a specific pattern that you have to have.  Removable wallpaper would be a much simpler option, but this route works too.

one room challenge reveal

wallpaper //  leopard pillow // quilt // moroccan wedding throw // white duvet + shams// leopard art (vintage) needlepoint kit (ha!) // diy horse head lamps // snake plant //

The walls are SW Alabaster.  It is now my go-to white.  It’s bright, but it has slight warmth to it, which I like.  The floor mirror was a Craigslist find and the horns and woven art are from my favorite local vintage shop.

one room challenge reveal

I think my favorite part of the room is the bedding which happened hours before the room was photographed.  The leopard pillows are my all time favorite pillows.  They were stolen from our living room, and now our living room is crying without them.  The teal and orange pillows are both from Anthropologie but aren’t available online.

one room challenge reveal

The mirror is from Pier One (on clearance) but isn’t available online anymore.  They have been offering this mirror off and on for years, so I’m sure it will come back.  The sconces are from my favorite vintage shop.  Confession – if you haven’t already put two and two together, the sconces are not functional.  We can’t exactly wire them through the wall, so they are purely for looks.  The mini peacock chair makes me laugh and is vintage as well as the globe.  The bust is from Homegoods and the blue vase is from Anthro.

one room challenge reveal

new favorite book

one room challenge reveal

one room challenge reveal

I am very pleased with the space and can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the kind comments.  Really. Day made every time I see a new one.

If you missed the full reveal, you can see it here.

*Photos by Chelsea Francis



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12 comments on “Boho Eclectic Bedroom: The Details”

  1. Stop. What a great idea!! I’m renting my house and can’t use wallpaper but this is genius. Now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Can’t wait to start getting all those wallpapers I’ve been dying over!
    And as always…this room is still so beautiful 🙂

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