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Black, White & Texture


Nate Berkus Foyer

Nate Berkus‘ stunning NYC apartment home tour has been blowing up for about a month now since Architecture Digest featured it back in September.  It’s ever-so slightly starting to die down, so I’m jumping in now.  I am convinced this one home tour has single-handedly influenced the world of interior design as we know it.

Yes, there are perfectly decorated black and white homes, but when it has Nate Berkus’ name on it, it gets your attention more than the last one.  Nate Berkus is….Nate Berkus.  His approachable Target line doesn’t hurt anything either.

Really, I can’t put into words how I feel about these images.  Yes, I’m a color girl, but MAN.  Maybe I’m not.  People that love color (I’m referring to myself) are often afraid to go black and white in fear of it not being enough…not having enough oomph…

The key to going all black and white everything is this – TEXTURE!!!!  Warm Texture.  Of course, beautiful architecture does the trick too… That’s not feasible to everyone, but warm textures will give you all the oomph, all the drool-factor you could ever need.

Notice that in every room in Nate’s home, he has a white and black foundation (some rooms more of a white foundation) and then absolutely infuses warm texture in every little crevice possible.

If you’ve already seen it, I know you can’t resist looking again.  If this if your first time, well, I give to you the most beautiful black, white & texture filled space there ever was.

Nate Berkus Living Room

Nate Berkus Kitchen

Nate Berkus Kitchen

Nate Berkus Kitchen

Nate Berkus Living Room

Nate Berkus Child Room

Nate Berkus Powder Room

Nate Berkus Master Bedroom



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