Best of 2015


Best of 2015

The final day of 2015 is here, and I thought it was only fitting to take a stroll down memory lane.

You see, there’s this great tool for anyone who owns a website called Google Analytics.  Sometimes it tells me more than I need to know about who reads my website but sometimes it shares really interesting things like my most viewed posts from the year.  I’ll admit, it was rather surprising because the most viewed posts from this year were definitely not my favorite.  I don’t even know if they were your favorite – there’s no real way of knowing that.  Their posts just had the most pageviews from 2015.

Best of 2015 (via Google Analytics):

#5 – Summer Home Tour

One of my very first home tours to share with the web.  Now I’m a home tour freak (I think there were five over the holidays).  I should probably slow down on those.

Summer Home Tour

#4 – HELP! What’s My Home Decor Style? Bohemian

The first post of the series I started, “HELP, What’s My Home Decor Style?”  Since then I’ve covered rustic refined, modern glam and mid century modern.  They seem to be going well.  What next?


#3 – How To Style Kitchen Counters

A very last minute post that was the most viewed post for a while.  It somewhat went viral on Pinterest (for me at least).  I thought about going back to redo it because it’s honestly not that great but that never happened.  I might do a redo sometime this year with more useful information.

How To Style Kitchen Counters

# 2 – IKEA Must Haves – 10 Items that Caught my Eye

Another somewhat last minute post that Pinterest liked.

IKEA Must Haves

#1 – How To Make IKEA Bookshelves Look Not IKEA

Really intelligent sounding title for my most viewed post of 2015.  That’s exactly what I wanted though – to make some cheap bookshelves look NOT IKEA.  This was a real stressor in our marriage, but I’d say it was #worthit.  I am kind of giving the side eye to Google Analytics for telling me that my #1 and #2 viewed posts were BOTH about IKEA products.  I guess that tells me a bit about the audience here… we all like a little cheap sometimes.

How To Make IKEA Bookshelves Look Not IKEA

While that was fun, I can’t end this year without sharing MY favorite posts of the year.  They are definitely not any of the above.

Best of 2015 (IMO):

#5 – Dining Room Reveal

Recovering these chairs in oxblood velvet was a very last minute decision, but it might be one of my favorite decisions yet.  I love this space and revealed it as a finished room, but it doesn’t quite feel finished yet.  I do love it though.

Dining Room Reveal

#4 – IKEA Hack: Faux/Real Flower Arrangement

Most bloggers do it, and I’m certainly guilty of it.  Some DIYs are forced and created just to have blog content.  This was not one of those.  It was actually a useful DIY that didn’t cost much to make and didn’t take 15 hours to complete.  It is titled an “IKEA Hack” but only because the faux florals were from IKEA – they obviously don’t have to be.  I highly recommend this faux/real flower combo trick for your next floral arrangement.

IKEA Hack Real Fake Floral Arrangement

#3 – Throw Pillows: How To Create a Mix 

I got a little fancy with this post and created levels of mixing.  Are you a level 1, 2 or 3??

Throw Pillows How to Create a Mix

#2 – Guest Room Reveal

This was the fourth and final room makeover in our home.  Our guest room also serves as my office, so it was a relief to finish this one.  So far everything looks the same as the photos.  The other rooms (our master especially), not so much.

Guest Room Reveal

#1 – A Moody Holiday Mantel

Man I loved that moody mantel shoot.  I’m also emotional about it which is why it wins the award for my favorite post of 2015.  Home Depot asked me to participate in their Holiday Style Challenge, I was extremely flattered and ecstatic and couldn’t reply YES fast enough.  A few months pass, they assign me a “spot” to decorate.  A mantel.  We didn’t have a fireplace much less a mantel.  Any sane person would have delicately emailed back saying “The thing is, we don’t have a mantel.  Is there ANY way at all I could get a new spot assignment?”  But no…. We were going to get a mantel if it was the last thing we did.  I found one on Craigslist in Houston (3 hours from Austin), begged my parents to rent a UHAUL and pick it up for me.  That was the start of a series of breakdowns back in October that weren’t near necessary.  I told Parker I wanted to tile the back of that mantel. He said “you want to do what?”  I told him again.  We spent A LOT of time figuring it out and doing it, then I had to paint the tile because I wanted matte black tile but the deadline was too tight to order matte black tile so I purchased white subway tile from HD and painted it against my better judgement.  It looks fine (you can see flaws in photos), but I would definitely go with pre made matte black tile if I were doing it again.  So that was that.  I killed myself putting this shoot together for HD and learned a lot from it.  I shouldn’t have killed myself, but I did get a great shoot out of it.  Hours before Kayla came over to shoot it I broke that mirror (not pictured in the photo below), called Parker at work hysterically, and it all ended up being okay.  Bottom line, I feel like a piece of my soul belongs to this shoot.  Hey, we win some and lose some, right?

Moody Holiday Mantel

Wishing you all a happy 2016!  I can’t thank you enough for reading along…



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