Artist You Need Know: Ashley Whiteside


Ashley Whiteside

I’m starting a new series and I mean it.  I’m really good at dreaming up ways to make this site better and committing 100% for one week and then sketching out the next week.  But I really want to do this.  There are so, SO many talented people out there and it’s not fair for me to hoard them.  I say hoard them, but there’s a good chance you already know of them, but in case you don’t, I want to share about them and their amazing work.

When it comes to art, I love pieces that are meaningful.  Pieces passed (or stolen) from family are so special to me.  My family doesn’t have enough art to fill my entire house because you know, they have houses too, but I love getting special pieces like that and finding spots in our home for them.

Another way to have meaningful art is through artists whom you love, follow, admire, know, etc.  How special to have a piece of someone else whom you admire in your home?  Art is the only way to have a piece of someone else in your home (without kidnapping them), and that’s one of the reasons why I love art so much.

I’ve been following Ashley Whiteside on Instagram for a year or so and really love seeing her posts/updates.  She’s an abstract artist and also offers interior design services.   I immediately recognize her posts before even seeing that she posted them.  That’s something that I really admire about her.  Creating a cohesive look/brand/vibe/whatever you want to call it that feels authentic is something that isn’t easily achieved (I know because I’m constantly rubbing my head wondering how I can do that), so I always appreciate when people seem to naturally have a “look”.  Ashley is a color master, but just not any color master.  She makes color her own.

Ashley Whiteside

Something that’s unique about Ashley’s business is that she’s part of an abstract duo.  Her daughter, Nora, is the second half of the duo.  Talk about meaningful art….

Ashley Whiteside

Nora has some say in the naming of the pieces.  A few of my favorites –

“Let’s totally get a pet flamingo”

“I wanna have a pillow fight with your face”

“I remember a lot of stuff, like 200”

“Did you see the plant get dead?”


Ashley Whiteside

I actually got to meet Ashley when she was in Austin a few months back.  She’s truly a gem and that made me even more excited to have a piece of her art in my home.

Ashley Whiteside

I scored this piece that has all of the yummy peachy shades of my dreams. (Hello terracotta kitchen wall.)  While over the fireplace mantel might seem like the perfect spot for a piece of abstract art, I’m not feeling it right there but still wanted to show off the piece.  Sometimes statement pieces paralyze me because I want them to have their own moment and not be challenged.  Obviously those ladies need to go although I do like the colors of the ladies paired with the piece.  I think that’s why I left the ladies there.  I still have the entry and 3 bedrooms that are completely empty, so I think I’m going to use the piece as a starting point for one of those spaces.

Ashley Whiteside

This timing is coincidence, but she’s actually having a major sale on her site right now.  Like up to 70% off sale.  If this is your first time hearing about Ashley, definitely follow/lurk on her instagram.  You’ll be glad you did.

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