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A Color Story: Army Green, Rose, Golden & Plum


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A few weeks back I went on a tangent about how I live a double life and make you all think our master bedroom looks like the images I share on here, but the reality is that because of a DIY flop, returns made after the photoshoot and other ridiculous factors, our master bedroom was just SAD.  I actually wasn’t that beat up about it, I just woke up one day and realized our master was fugly and wanted to do something about it.

Lucky for me (VERY lucky for me in this case), Design*Sponge approached me about featuring my “home tour”.  I said, “oh wow, can ya give me a month??”  They were gracious enough to give me time to get it together, and during that time I gave our master the attention it deserved.  I’m happy to say it’s been weeks since the shoot, and it all looks exactly as pictured minus the flowers.  I didn’t go all out or anything, but I bought some affordable bedding and pillows and didn’t return them.  I do still need window treatments though, but that probably won’t happen if it hasn’t happened yet.

army green, rose, golden, plum

table lamp | nightstand – vintage (similar) | quilt – Homegoods (similar) | rose quilt – Homegoods (similar) | golden velvet pillow – Homegoods (similar) | plum velvet pillow | peach shams

army green, rose, golden, plum

army green, rose, golden, plum

A Color Story: Army Green, Rose, Golden & Plum

A Color Story: Army Green, Rose, Golden & Plum

*Images: Kayla Snell

Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out.  It’s certainly nothing special, but it works.  I found the army green quilt and golden velvet throw pillow at Homegoods.  (I know, I never even give their bedding section a second glance, but I was desperate this time.)  I found the plum pillows at West Elm, and the peachy shams were under our bed from a time I thought I needed peachy shams.  Oh, and the rose quilt at the end of the bed is also Homegoods.

It was when I was laying out all of these pieces in the aisle of Homegoods that I realized unexpected color combos make me extremely happy.  I’m talking I actually get a rush when I find a combo that I like but haven’t seen before.  There really isn’t a color I don’t love and finding new ways to use color is something I love to study.  I know not everyone would say this one “works”, and that’s really the beauty of it all.  Everyone likes different looks and styles.

army green, rose, golden, plum

Why it works (IMO):

army green


This color combo all stems from the army green.  This color can obviously stand alone.  And sometimes it should (above).  It’s such a strong color.  It doesn’t need anyone else, BUT it will compliment the heck out of most any color paired with it.

army green and dusty pink


Next comes the dusty pink/rose.  This is a combo we see a lot.  I LOVE army green and dusty pink together.  They are both muted and just melt together.  They also contrast what they stand for – army green is rough and dirty while dusty pink is the opposite, feminine and chic.

army green and rose


Some people would be happy stopping with these shades.  But how can you spice it up?  Well, you have two muted colors, so you add two spicy colors.

mustard pink and green

This photo is missing the plum, and while the image is obviously stunning, I think that adding a deeper shade like plum would really ground the space.

army green rose golden and plum


This is the only image I’ve found with all 4 shades (plus some blue).  It is truly incredible.

Are you into it?




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  1. Hi- I was wondering what the actual paint colors are in the photo with the 5 paint brushes and samples? I would love to use these colors on a room I am about to redo. Thanks!

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