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A Thrifted Makeover


thrifted makeover

It’s week two of DIY Summer School hosted by Beth from designPOST interiors.  Last week we shared our IKEA hacks.  My real/faux flower arrangement is still going strong minus the real part.  This week’s theme is something thrifted and I know this will be my favorite week of the summer series.  Thrifting is a regular occurrence over here.  I can’t get enough of it.  Thrifted items, no matter how big or small, bring so much personality to a room and every space deserves a lil personality if you ask me.

I wrapped up our master bedroom a few weeks ago, and I’m slowly starting to think about the guest room.  Slowly.  I’m really not in any hurry as we painted and made the room livable for our guests.  Livable is all they need, right?  The room has the bare bones and I will add layers as I come across them.

So far we have an antique spindle bed that belonged to my Grandmother, an area rug and a bar cart that is being used as a bedside table.

thrifted makeover

I recently came across (& purchased) this stunning brass guy.  I found him at a vintage pop up show and had to have it.

thrifted makeover

I do kind of have an eclectic style (or so people say), but I tend to gravitate towards symmetry with table lamps.  Well… that’s obviously not happening with this guy.  After I decided that he would live in the guest room I was kind of stumped about what to do with the other side of the bed.

I knew adding another table lamp would just be too much.  The only other option is a floor lamp, but I knew it would be tricky to find one that complimented the master.

I came across this at my favorite thrift shop:

thrifted makeover

No?  For some reason I decided that she could be sassy and hold her own with a little work.

A thrifted makeover:

– Remove the heads from the base. (These slid off)

– Spray paint the heads black.

– Spray paint the base gold.  I used Rust-Oleum Gold (my go-to).

– Reassemble.

This took me all of 5 minutes.  My kind of DIY project!

thrifted makeover

thrifted makeover

thrifted makeover

thrifted makeover

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diy summer school

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