A Navy Kitchen Refresh


A few months after we closed on our home, our good friends found their first home and decided to take on similar renovation projects.  The timing of the reno projects on both houses was nice because when we were in the trenches of it all, they hadn’t started yet so they were fresh and rosy and assured us that it would all be worth it.  Then we finished and they were right in the middle of it but we were feeling good since we finished so we assured them that their work would for sure be worth it.  These are great friends of ours, and it really was fun to go through this process together.

I went over and photographed their finished kitchen to share on the blog but I can’t take credit for any of it!! It was all them!! They’re amazing! This is what they started with:

coggin before

What Nick and Corinne did:

  1. Scrape popcorn ceilings.

navy kitchen refresh

They showed us up and scraped themselves.  It was time consuming, but they did a great job.  Nick compared it to peeling a sunburn……..which sounds pretty satisfying to me.

  1. Remove pantry and wall between kitchen/living.

navy kitchen refresh

That photo shows where the wall line was that separated the living & kitchen as well as where the pantry was.  Worst pantry placement ever!!! Look at the above two photos at how much bigger the second feels without the pantry.

  1. New hardwoods 

navy kitchen refresh

They actually went with the same solid white oak from LL that we used. So far we’re both loving it.

  1. Remove uppers to the right of the sink.

navy kitchen refresh

They also added a pantry cabinet to the right of the dishwasher since they were pantry-less without the original.

  1. Replace countertops. 

navy kitchen refresh

When Nick and Corinne were working on their countertops, we were “working” on our butcher block counters for our outdoor patio.  I remember Corinne telling me they sanded multiple times, stained even more times and sealed more than that.  We must have been having a bad/lazy week because we decided to only stain ours with teak oil and not only did they start warping, but they just don’t look that great.  I thought I wanted an unfinished look, but I LOVE how theirs turned out.  Put in the work/time to butcher blocks.  It will be worth it.

  1. Paint lower cabinets & pantry.

navy kitchen refresh

They color matched Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue and the color looks soooo good.

  1. Add backsplash.

They went with a matte white subway tile.  They were actually planning on just drywalling with the intent to go back later and backsplash BUT they were told it would cost the same to tile and drywall. Tiled backsplash FTW.

And the whole reason I’m sharing this kitchen refresh………….

navy kitchen refresh

  1. New Elkay Sink & Faucet!!!

The original sink (pictured above) was nasty.  Since I’m partnering with Elkay, it worked out for Nick and Corinne to incorporate a new Elkay sink and faucet into their kitchen.  They were already planning on replacing both, and I was looking for ways to use an Elkay sink in an upcoming project.  It was a win win.

N&C went with Elkay’s Quartz Classic sink, which is an undermount sink. Since they were keeping their existing cabinets, they needed something that was a good fit with their existing sink cabinet and this sink was a perfect fit. They did replace the countertop, so that gave them some flexibility for the length/depth of the sink.

(after photos of sink and faucet below)

All that was left in the kitchen (after the above) were the original cabinets and the white appliances, which they kept.  I love the white appliances with their white uppers.  I’ve said it before, but stainless is overrated.  Yes, it’s great sometimes but I don’t think it’s the answer every single time.  Sometimes white is much more cohesive.  They also kept the original cabinets as they were in good shape and just needed a paint job.

Ok, here we go……

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Navy Kitchen

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Look at that baby!!!! N&C went with Elkay’s Quartz Classic Single Bowl Undermount Sink and I can vouch that it’s AMAZING. They paired it with this faucet in antique steel and it is fan-cy.  The pull down spray feature is great.

Here’s what they said about the sink & faucet: “The Elkay sink and faucet we chose are as functional as they are aesthetic. The size, depth and quality of the sink paired with the versatility of the faucet make prep to clean up easier in the kitchen. Five stars!”

(Reading that makes me so happy.)

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Navy Kitchen Refresh

Well, thoughts?! I love N&C’s new kitchen because the functionality went from a 2 to a 12.  It feels open, and inviting to all who want to cook/hang in the kitchen.  The design of it feels approachable, which IMO, is a MUST, especially in a kitchen. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. It looks beautiful. Colour combination is very nice the dark blue and White with wooden top looks so nice. I love that Faucets .

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