A Living Room on a Tight ($1,600) Budget – Can It Be Done?


Living Room on a Tight Budget -- This whole living room was designed for under $1600

Last time the “design plan on a budget” went over well, so I asked Laura to make another with a living room this time.  The total comes in at under $1600… which is pretty crazy for all that you get in this space.  Let’s dissect….


UMMMMMMMMM how is this sofa not on the best sofa of all time list??? Seriously… the color, the shape, it’s all perfect.  I haven’t seen this one in person, but I’ll be checking it out next time I’m in the store.  The SÖDERHAMN line is new, and there are lots of great pieces in that light pink color.  I think this would be perfect in a small living room OR a guest room/office OR a sweet nursery……

Coffee Table

This coffee table has such great lines and is a great piece, especially for the price. The top looks like marble, which looks refined and classic.

Copper Floor Lamp

I say it every time… UO doesn’t get the credit they deserve.  I feel like they’re the forgotten step-sister of home decor.  They always have great pieces and are usually pretty cheap.

Marble Side Tables

A classic side table (on sale)!

Jute Rug

When on a tight budget, a natural fiber is usually the way to go.  You can really never go wrong with a jute rug.

Grey Pillow

Love this masculine pillow combo with the feminine sofa.

White Faux Fur Pillow

Great chunky texture with this pillow…

Grid Pillow

A great pillow combo usually consists of pattern, texture & A solid.  this grid pillow completes that combo.

Color Block Planter

A repeat of the black from the pillow combo…

Typography Print

My new favorite spot for affordable art (as witnessed by my snapchat last week).  I know Society 6 isn’t new, but I’ve never really explored what they offer.  I’m hooked now.

Giant Copper Clips

Such a neat idea to hang art in an unexpected way.  Also love the repeat of copper here.

Butterfly Chairs

……………. I am about to buy 65 of these chairs so that I have one to go around for every single client I work with in the future.  The price….for that……. I usually see these things at $500+.

*It looks like the sale on these chairs ended yesterday.  The price is now $30 higher than what is listed on the design board, but they are still at a great price point!

Pacific Art Print

Love the softness this beach print brings…

Round Mirror

You just can’t beat a $40 round mirror.


A fun pop of color that also smells yummy?  Yes.

I think that answers the question from the title of this post, a living room on a tight budget – can it be done?  Yes, it can be done, (and it can be done with style).

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