A Good Read


A Good Read

What qualifies something as a good read?  It certainly depends on personal interests, but let’s go ahead and hone in on home decor reading.  We all like it or feel the need to like it here.

The whole “not enough time” thing is out of control these days.  Time has become something that no one has and everyone wants.  I’m not that person that always interjects how busy I am into the convo when it has no relevance whatsoever, so don’t think this is turning into that.  Someones gotta do it, but it’s not me.  I’ve realized the no-time thing has affected what qualifies a good read.  There’s so much good content there, but no one has time to read it.  Our reading lists are very slim because of no time.

Because there’s not enough time to read all the good decor blogs out there, a friendly little competition starts.  You only read your favorite blogs and/or magazines.  If it’s not a standout blog, it probably isn’t getting any face time from your computer.

This week a few of my online blog friends wrapped up a blogging advice series.  It lasted several weeks and each week they covered a new topic on how to better your blog.  All great reads.  This week they talked about having a stand-out blog.  What does that mean?  Reading a standout blog is different for everyone, definitely.  Some like commercialized blogs like Apartment Therapy, some like knowing who the person is behind the blog.  So many factors go into what makes the cut for our personal blogroll, and my friend Kristin from Bliss at Home NAILED what a stand-out blog is for me.  It’s been on my mind all week.  I’m dedicating an entire blog post to this….

“What’s a standout blog?  To me, it’s the blog that you can’t wait to read and gets first dibs on your blogroll.  They are authentic.  The blogger that writes in a way that you connect with, they share things that inspire and challenge you, and they wow you with some beautiful photography.”

Kristin, Bliss at Home

I was downing my morning coffee when I read that, and I think I jumped out of my seat.  Every word is so true for me.  Just yes.  If you want to read her entire post, the post is directly linked to her name above.  She also links to everyone else in the series if you want to read those as well.

So what is a good read to you?  I’m hoping to start a conversation with this.  The most important thing to me is authenticity.  I like to feel like I’m the person’s friend while I’m reading their blog. Original content of course gets my attention.  No one wants to read something that’s already been said 100 times.  A challenge is always a plus too.  I’m not saying I do any of these things well; This topic has just been on my mind and I would love to hear what qualifies a good read for you.



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4 comments on “A Good Read”

  1. yes yes yes authenticity for sure! i want someone who is real, a little funny at times, a little crazy at times, a little thoughtful at times…. i want pretty photos of course but that’s second to the person behind the blog- although the pretty photos are what originally draws me in of course. i think one thing i hear often that is my favorite to hear from readers and blog friends when they meet me…. “you are exactly like you are on your blog.” i want to read blogs where i feel like the person is exactly themselves…. not just posting to get me to buy or add to their numbers.

  2. Claire, first off thank you friend for the mention. I am so humbled and honored that what I wrote resonated with you. I just have to tell you that for me your blog is a great read. There are so many new blogs popping up everyday. A lot are the same old, same old or they are trying to be another blog. One thing I love most about your blog, apart from your amazing style and talent for design, is that you are transparent and real with your audience. You share the personal with your projects and design. I just see big amazing things happening for you in this niche! I find you inspiring and I love that you have really started to define your style. That really makes you standout in a sea of design bloggers. That’s when I knew I was coming into my own in this blogging world. When people knew my style. They would see my work not credited somewhere and tag me, or they would say, oh that is so you!, or they would say that’s a bliss at home look! Keep on with what you are doing, it’s so amazing! xo

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