A DIY Fail & Life Lately


a diy fail and life lately

Before I sat down to write this post I was planning on something else, and that post will probably come next week..or the next…

Chances are you usually visit my blog for decor & design tips/advice/inspiration or maybe you’re just a really good friend to me…. I think it’s important to be candid as a blog writer and I try my best to do that, which leads me to this post of rambling thoughts…

School has officially started across the country and I couldn’t help but stop for a moment.  If you would have asked me 15 months ago what I was “up to” I would have told you (with excitement) I was partaking in the back to school frenzy as a teacher.  I would be anxious, adrenaline driven and a bit frantic, but I would have been doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  I started my blog in January of 2014 and within 6 months I decided not to go into teaching.  I was offered a teaching job at my dream school (after one year of job searching) and I anxiously declined.  My family was very supportive and told me to follow my heart, but I know they had to have been like WHAT??  I was extremely excited to make a huge career and life decision.  Although now looking back I can’t help but wonder what in the WORLD I was thinking because I made NO money through blogging and had no real clients at the time.  I knew the potential blogging had, but I had no proof to show I could do it.

To be honest, I’ve never looked backed.  I naturally have a lot of self doubt and sometimes allow myself to question giving up a “service” job (shaping the lives of innocent kids, is there more of a service job than that??) for a “frivolous” job.  It is what it is.  I wake up most every morning genuinely excited to get to work (after coffee).  I am doing something that I absolutely love and although it consumes my (our) life, I am so happy.  And I don’t use the term “being happy” loosely.  I am a tough critic on what makes me REALLY happy.  ha.

Speaking of something that consumes our lives, my career does that.  Working from home is a very interesting task.  There are of course ups and downs to both sides (working for yourself vs. working for someone else).  I will never fully understand those ups and downs of working in a corporate environment because I would literally crawl under my desk and cry all day and never come out.  I know that my introverted, people-pleaser self would shrivel up and die in a corporate environment.  I’m obviously where I need to be.  But the ups and down of working for yourself in your home 5 steps from your bed?  I learned those very fast.  Getting to be your own boss is a neat thing.  I think I produce my best work when I am the person pushing myself because I am my toughest critic.  I also feel that I never “leave” work, which is how my career seems to consume our lives…. I usually stop working when Parker gets home and then go back to work after we eat dinner.  Sometimes I don’t and when I don’t I feel guilty and like I should be working.  Basically my mind never stops.  It seems to be the sacrifice for working for yourself?  Right now I am working on separating work and non work times.  It seems to be quite the challenge.

When writing a post I always add the top photo last.  (the photo that shows on the main page before “read more”)  I knew this post would have a filler picture because I obviously didn’t want to go photo-less and only have words before the “read more” because I think about trivial things like that that no one else notices.  I came across this photo taken by my friend, Kayla, (pictured above) and actually laughed out loud.  The look on my face is a perfect representation of me most days.  I am genuinely having fun but also look like a deer in headlights.  Combine the two and that face is what you get.  I will add that the deer in headlights is usually a good feeling for me.  I like feeling adrenaline when I work and generally never knowing what the next day will look like.  A very basic comparison is a rollercoaster: full of the good kind of adrenaline but also very terrifying.

A DIY Fail:

Originally this was supposed to be a contributor post for someone else.  I was already late getting it to her and then this happened right before it was too dark to shoot another project.  Really just confirmed my hate for diy projects.  I’ve said it before, but I do them to achieve a look I want but can’t afford (the big projects).  I started as a diy blog but quickly learned diy is not my thing.  This was my attempt at marbled glass using nail polish.  There are lots of great tutorials out there but my nail polish just clumped and didn’t at all do what it was supposed to do…

life lately & a diy fail

life lately & a diy fail

What it was supposed to look like….

diy fail

successful project via Lovely Indeed

That night came and went and I ended up putting together something else for my contributor post.

All in all I’m in a very happy place.  I’m sure that all of the business owners out there can vouch that owning your own business means pouring your heart, soul and LIFE into it.  It is a very frustrating, yet fulfilling thing and I have so much to learn.  Sometimes I feel stagnant (that might be a little dramatic, but I constantly want to me moving FASTER and BETTER than I am), and I think that goes with the territory of being your own boss.  A lot has happened in a short amount of time and I am always excited for the next day.

Happy weekend,



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10 comments on “A DIY Fail & Life Lately”

  1. i am so happy for you in your decision! and i agree about the touch separation of home and work and the ever thinking mind…. mine doesn’t stop either. yesterday was insane for me and it was one of those days where i felt the struggle so much…. i went to a new shop opening to network and support other local businesses, came home and recovered chairs i needed to take to sweet clover, worked on marketing and blog stuff, then the kids got off the bus and had to come with me to sweet clover so i could drop off the chairs, take photos, and meet a lady who is setting up there this weekend. i got home and made them a quick dinner and did homework with them all while uploading the photos so that i could get them on our sweet clover fb page to promote our event this weekend…. and my husband got home at 9:30 so it was all me working nonstop while managing the home life with the kids. it’s HARD to work at home. people sometimes think i have it so easy and ask me to volunteer for things because they think i have all this free time… but i don’t because like you said…. i am always going. my mind doesn’t shut up about work!!!!!

  2. What a great post, Claire. It’s really interesting from my perspective because you’re doing what I’d like to do, whereas I’ve already done what you thought you’d be doing. I taught high school English for two years but left a little over a year ago. I absolutely don’t speak for everyone, but teaching was far more challenging, stressful, and frustrating than I anticipated. If you are happy and fulfilled then clearly you found your path; it’s great that you had the courage to trust yourself, so thank you for the inspiration.

    I also kinda wondered whether that marbling stuff was as easy as it looked! Maybe I won’t try it today, lol.

  3. Ha ha I LOVE a good fail…makes me feel so much better about the things I have hidden and thrown in the trash 🙂 I also decided not to go back to teaching after going back to school to get my masters. Sometimes I wonder what my family really thought of that decisions but I am so much happier in this job!

  4. I came across your blog not too long ago, and have loved reading. You have a beautiful style and I loved your post on finding your own style. I was thinking of putting a series like that together for my blog, but now I just plan on referring people to your posts. I don’t think mine would have been a good anyway 😄. But I had no idea that you just started blogging last year! I would have guessed you had been blogging for years. I just launched my blog a few weeks ago and completely relate to how you felt in the beginning. It is inspiring to see how far you have come in a short time. Thank you for being so candid and sharing, and I look forward to seeing your business grow!

  5. It is the best thing in the world if you can be in a position to go for a creative job and build something that is you. I honestly couldn’t do it without the support of my husband. The first couple years of blogging I hardly made any money, but year two was much better. Now I am starting to really see the fruits of the labor and the doors that sharing your creative abilities can open. You have such talent, Claire. You have a very bright future doing what you love 🙂 xo

  6. Claire, thank you for sharing your current situation. I feel the same as you about my passion for blogging. I am not in a position to quit by corporate job because I am the only bread winner in my household and let’s face it, we still have to keep the electricity on if for no other reason than blogging. 🙂 No that you have made the best choice and I wish great things for your future. Keep it real like you do and reach for the stars.
    All the best.


  7. Hi Claire!
    This post stopped me in my tracks because I can totally relate!! For the past 3 months of starting my blog, I’ve been buried in it. It was refreshing to hear that I guess I’m not alone? I absolutely adore your style and love following you, especially on Instagram. Just wanted to say keep up the good work girl because you are amazing!! And when you figure out how to shut our ‘design’ minds off, please let me know! I’ll be waiting! HaHa!

  8. I’ve worked in large corporate offices with cubicles and I’ve worked in a small non-profit, and now I work upstairs at home, for myself. It’s awesome to work in my PJs but I think I talk my husband’s ear off when he gets home because I only interact with customers via the computer, and only have my cats to talk to otherwise!

    I too am an introvert and a people pleaser. Every time I get notified of a new Etsy review, I feel a slight anxiousness because although I’m always proud of what I send out, it’s incredibly important to me that my customers are 100% happy.

    The work/life balance problem affects me too. I work most evenings and weekends unless we have a specific event going on that takes me away, and then I often worry about the work I “should” be getting done. When some friends invited us over to swim earlier this summer, it felt good, but also uncomfortable, to just lounge in the pool and relax. I had deadlines looming, so I kept thinking about how many pillow covers I could be making while I was vegging out. I had to put my Etsy shop in “vacation mode” a couple times the past few months so that I could get some relief. I know it’s annoying to customers but they also get annoyed when their lead times are incredibly long. Since my shop has been “on vacation” for the past month now, I got completely caught up on orders before I left for our 2-week vacation. When I re-open it tomorrow and start fresh, I hope to be able to shut my work life off and enjoy personal time in the evenings and most weekends. I was really burned out this past spring, and I have noticed the more time I spend outside my studio, the happier I am to get back to it!

  9. Wow, Claire! I admired your work before, but I admire you even more after reading this post. I have a dream of turning my blog into a full-time business but I haven’t had the courage to jump in headfirst like you did. Also, thank you for being so candid about your feelings on being a designer! I went to college for interior design and have been in the field for 2 years now, but every so often, I’ll have an existential crisis over the fact that my job is “frivolous”. But on the other hand, I really believe that our homes are such a sacred place, and that the state of your home can totally affect the state of your mind and vice versa. As interior designers, we might not be doing the heavy lifting of changing the world, but we do bring value and happiness to people!

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