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Last week brought some unexpected silence on my end.  I won’t bore you with too many details – just assessing and then reassessing some business “things”.  All very needed.  What I want to know is…. Are there people out there who call themselves business AND creative minded people?  I suppose those people are the ones killing their careers.  It seems that most people claim to be one or the other (and very much so one or the other)…which makes running a one man business very interesting.

Anyway.  Our living room is moving along.  I shared some inspitation a few weeks ago and forgot about this image from One King Lane’s instagram feed.  I get so much inspiration from their feed…

One Kings Lane Inspriation via

I took a screen shot of this image and kept going back to it for a good month.  I couldn’t let the color combo go.  The mustard, blush and teal (and stripe)……plus some.

A few more images where mustard stole the show.

One Kings Lane Inspriation


One Kings Lane Inspriation


And this is where we are today.  I painted our walls pink.  I was going for a shade of pink that I KNEW was pink but Parker’s friends wouldn’t necessarily pick up on that we have a pink living room.  The color is SW Intimate White.



Imagine plush, new mustard cushions on that sofa.  There’s a lot of soft color with the wall color and curtains, but I can’t wait to see how the cushions throw a kink in it all.

IMG_1705EDIT Our bar almost got the boot (not really) because there was literally no more wall space, but then I saw it in front of the bookshelves and was into it.


I don’t think I’ve ever shown a photo that illustrates the floor plan of the room.  Below is the front door, behind the grey barrel chairs is the tv (I painted that piece teal), to the right of the tv is the hallway to the 2 bedrooms and to the left of the bookshelves is the kitchen.


So colorwise this is where we are. The list of colors in this room is lengthy, but I personally think it works.  Might be too much for some, but I enjoy unexpected color combos.  There will obviously be WAY more mustard and I can’t wait another day for those cushions to return from my upholsterer.


Color Combo

Paint Color: SW Intimate White

Sofa Cushion Fabric: Velvet Gold

Bookcase Paint Color: F&B Pelt  

Curtains: IKEA (These are new at IKEA and they also have them in soft pink which is wonderful.)

SW Parisian Patina (?) I like this smoky green, but don’t have a plan for it yet.

Painted piece under tv: SW Cape Verde

I’m hoping to have a reveal sometime soon!


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13 comments on “A Complex Color Combo for the LR”

  1. Lovely!! Wondering if you would share the source for the pretty pink/peach pillows in the two chairs?

  2. I think all of the color is what will make it so great! It’s like a beautiful piece of art that has all of these colors in it and individually may leave questions, but collectively come together to make a truly stunning piece.

  3. Can’t wait to see those mustard cushions. It’s one of my favorite colors that I always come back to. Do you mind sharing where your curtain rods are from? I like how they wrap around the corner and am looking for something similar for our new house.

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