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5 Things I Can’t Shake


Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

There’s always a list of things/ideas scrambling around in my head.  I say scrambling because that’s how I picture those things in my head – frantic little sofas, pieces of art and paint colors fighting for my attention.  It would be a bit overkill to create a blog post for each of these ideas, so I thought grouping them together would work.  Some ideas are related and some aren’t. Really, it’s just 5 things that are currently getting the most attention.

5 Things I Can’t Shake

  1. This paint color.  ….Not for a nursery.

FB Calamine

It would be super sweet in a nursery obviously, but I want to see this paint color in a LIVING room.  What!!! Yes, I mean it.  I’ll paint my own living room if I have to.  And I’m only half joking……  Pink is obviously a very tricky color when a baby isn’t involved….. but when done right…..

2 Lovely Gals

2 Lovely Gals

The paint color above isn’t F&B Calamine, but it’s a close match.  The paint color is actual perfection although it has a lot of help from the architectural details, matte black elements, gorgeous wood flooring, and copper lighting…..  I do love this space, but if I were to paint my own living room pink I would have to make it less feminine in an attempt to make up to my husband for painting our living room pink by adding rich colors like gold and plum.

2. This piece of art

Chairish Abstract

This piece has been saved under my favorites on Chairish for months now.  The price is so good, and the piece is so unique.  If you end up buying and using in your home, I want to come over and see what you do around it.  There’s truly no way to mess up this piece.  Navy sure does pair well though.

5 things I can't shake

rug | pillow | sofa | floor lamp

3. Black & white striped rugs

IKEA Stockholm Rug

This could be its own blog post and probably will be soon, so I won’t spill too much.  Basically, I am craving more “staple” lately.  More structure.  I love a good antique rug and always will, but I’m wanting to experiment with more of a pulled together style.  One that includes a black and white striped rug.  I think this IKEA rug might be the best option out there.  I’ve seen it used in so many high end spaces and it fits right in.

Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

(I’m actually not positive if Nate Berkus used the IKEA Stockholm rug, but it sure looks to be the same rug.)

4. This coffee table

WE Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be so boring, so when I see one that doesn’t look like the rest, I’m always intrigued.  I love West Elm, but sometimes (only sometimes) their product looks WAY better online and is a bit underwhelming in person, which is why I want to check this one out ASAP.  Thankfully I’m walking distance to a WE.

5. This credenza

Mirror Front Credenza

I’m so close to pulling the trigger on this piece.  The price is good and it’s so, incredibly unique.  Yes, $465 is a lot of money, but you can’t find a dresser from West Elm, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel for anything less.  You could find something for cheaper at Target or IKEA, yes, but it would be something generic and boring (nothing wrong with a little boring when you have another showstopper in the room). But this piece would be THE showstopper. It’s here in Austin, so I think I’ll go take a look this week.  I try not to even tempt myself by looking at vintage furniture on Chairish that’s out of state because there is no way I’m paying more for shipping than the piece itself.  Just no.  I will road trip halfway across the country before I do that.




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  1. Jill has to mark up prices for Chairish like they all do. She’s absolutely wonderful if you haven’t met her yet, and I never leave there empty-handed. I’ve seen that piece before at her warehouse and it’s pretty awesome!

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