5 Things I Can’t Shake


5 Things I Can't Shake - William McLure Interior Design

1. William McLure

5 Things I Can't Shake - william-mclure

If you don’t follow William McLure, please start.  He is an incredible talent.  I follow him on Instagram, and love doing so.  (He’s a fun one to follow as you feel like you really know him….)  There aren’t many things I love more than finding people in this industry who are so incredibly talented and pouring over their work.


2. New design/inspiration books

5 Things I Can't Shake - Interior stylist Claire Brody shares her fave new design books

I have all of these books in my cart on Amazon right now.  Most of them are pre-order, which I love doing because I usually forget about ordering them, which makes for a nice surprise when they arrive.

1 – Living with Pattern

I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Atwood’s textiles, so I know this will be a good read.  It seems like all of the big bloggers/designers are helping Rebecca promote her book, which makes me want her book even more.

 2 – In the Company of Women

Oh man, so excited about this one.  Grace Bonney is coming to Austin in Oct and I bought tickets to see her.  I think we receive a signed copy of her new book, In the Company of Women, at the event.  Love me some Grace Bonney and really excited to be inspired by her book.

 3 – Foraged Flora

This book is in my Amazon cart for the cover alone.  How moody yummy are those florals…..

4 – Domino

 Duh…. I have their first book and will definitely have the second.

 5 – Design Wise

 I saw Vern Yip on Kelly (morning talkshow that used to be Kelly & Michael / Regis & Kelley, so weird just calling it “Kelly” now, ANYWAY), he was so great on the show that I decided I needed his book.  It seems like it’s a great decorating guide with lots of measurements/tips to note like “distance from coffee table to sofa”, “height to hang chandelier”, etc.

6 – A House in the Country

 A pretty coffee table book….

7 – Slim Aarons

 Another one that I chose purely for the cover, although I’m sure the book is amazing as well.

 8 – Beautiful

SO EXCITED to get this one in my hands.  Love Mark Sikes.

3. Nate Berkus’ New Line for Target

As expected, Nate Berkus killed his new fall line for Target…. That rattan stool………….

5 Things I Can't Shake - Nate Berkus for Target

one | two | three | four | five | six


4. Clarence House

5 Things I Can't Shake - clarence-house


If you love loud prints, please go to Clarence House’s website, look at every single pattern/wallpaper, and thank me later.  Just incredible, and I have dreams of using so many prints right now.


5. Inspiration in Print….

Domino Magazine

A few days ago I bought the fall issue of Domino for the first time ever.  I am not a magazine person, really just not a print person.  It’s not that I dislike print inspiration, but I just never really think about it and can usually gather enough inspiration online.  I typed all of that in present tense, but it should be in past because I all of the sudden have this urge to buy 25 design books and magazines and just flip through them and get inspired in a way that online inspiration cannot offer.  Are you a print or online inspiration person?  Or both?


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5 comments on “5 Things I Can’t Shake”

  1. Vern Yip was always my favorite designer on Trading Spaces. Good to know about his book. And I will forever love magazines and design books, because it is just in my nature to turn pages with a cup of tea or glass of wine in hand. The internet is awesome, but it will never replace that for me!

  2. Girl…this has to be one of my favorite post of this type. I love it all and want it all. The blush pink accent chairs from Nate Berkus are gorgeous and I think I need them in my life….I want them!

  3. i am definitely a print person. i can never be bothered to remember to pinterest. i love interior design magazines and especially can’t get enough books (the new one i want is the finer things by Christiane Lemieux. that pink nate chair is cute!

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