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5 Things I Can’t Shake


A dreamy home tour and other things I can't shake

Monica Bhargava California House

  1.  This Artist

Amazing artist and other things I can't shake

Janet Hill Studio

I briefly mentioned Janet Hill in the maximalist post earlier this week, but guys……..  Her pieces are so detailed in a way that would warm a space so well.  Her details are so luxe and vintage feeling, yet the prices are so affordable.  She offers prints of her original oil paintings for $35 – $45. (Her originals go fast from what I can tell.)  I have this fantasy of using several of her pieces in my parents’ guest suite…..  Also, I promise some actual content coming soon on that project.

2. This Daybed

Leather daybed and other things I can't shake

Lawndale Cognac Daybed

I’m working on a small sunroom/tv room with lots of natural light.  We are trying to maximize the seating without overwhelming the space.  The client loves neutrals and wants to keep the space classy – I think this daybed would warm up the white walls, add some needed texture AND add some nice modern lines.

3. This Home Tour

A dreamy home tour and other things I can't shake

Monica Bhargava California House

I’ll always love pattern and color, it’s what had my heart first, but there is enough room in my heart to also really love layered neutrals.  I don’t even like calling spaces “neutral” because although there’s nothing wrong with an all neutral room (so many people do it so well), it sometimes gets the boring label……… This layered space is anything BUT boring.  It’s exciting and gets your heart racing yet it also calms you…. and that’s not easy to do.

4. This Wallpaper

pink pineapple wallpaper and other things I can't shake!

Barneby Gates Pineapple Wallpaper

Going back to that color/pattern thing…. I’m dying to use this paper in an upcoming kid room (so many kid rooms these days!!!).  The pattern is so bold and speaks for itself but with the white background, it would never feel overwhelmed.  Another thing about this pattern is that it could carry the child through tween/teen years, don’t you think?  It’s playful but also feels sophisticated when paired with the right accessories (image on the right does that well).

5. Affordable Tan Leather Dining Chairs…

Tan Leather Dining Chairs

A pretty specific search there, but why are dining chairs so expensive? $500 for one dining chair when I need 8??  That’s more than the table.

For the record, the prices on these 4 chairs (not in order) are: $140 , $548 , $120 & $399.  Can you tell which chair belongs to each price?  (That would actually be really helpful to know as I’m sourcing chairs for this project.)  Let me know what your price guesses are in the comments.

Sources: Left – Right, Top – Bottom:



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5 comments on “5 Things I Can’t Shake”

  1. Oh, I’m a fan of these! I had to check out the artist, and definitely saved a print to my gift list for this Christmas! The daybed, and dining chairs are lovely, and I’m a huge fan of layered neutrals… I think they let the textures really stand out! But the pink pineapple wallpaper?! For the right client, I’m sure it would be great! 🙂

    1. Janet Hill is incredible. I have like 10 prints that I want!!! Ha, and I clearly have tan leather + black on my mind with that home tour and the daybed & dining chairs. On the pineapple wallpaper, I’m hoping it works out for a cute lil spunky 5 yr old 🙂

  2. A guessing game! Fun. Okay: I am going to guess that the bottom left dining chair is the money bomb (548). Top right is the 399, and the others are the cheaper models….maybe top left is the most inexpensive?

    1. I’m so with you!! The Anthro chair looks pricey (in a good way)…. but I don’t think the WE chair does. It’s a nice looking chair, yes, but also overpriced. My first pick is the LexMod — such a great price for a unique chair! Thanks for weighing in!

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