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5 Things I Can’t Shake


classic modern neutral rich living room

I’m overdue for another round of 5 Things I Can’t Shake.  There’s always a list of things that (I think) I’ll die without and that list of things usually spirals into regretting the decision to get rid of our storage unit a few months back.  Storage units are such a love/hate thing.  I know I talk about it a lot, and just say “enough with the storage unit talk” if I’ve crossed the line, but exactly half of my brain can’t get past the idea of paying 100 DOLLARS A MONTH for 15 SQUARE FEET of space to keep stuff in that you essentially don’t use or see.  But then the other half of my brain thinks I need a storage unit for hoarding stuff and call it a vintage shop and house it out of a storage unit because there are so many wonderful things I come across that I love.  Even if I can’t use them in my own home, I would LOVE to share them with other people (particularly clients…….)

Anyway. The 5 things that are currently at the top of my list…..

1 – Juniper Briggs

Juniper Briggs

Juniper Briggs Idalia print

I first discovered Juniper Briggs on Minted when I used one of her pieces in my One Room Challenge space.

classic modern neutral rich living room

one room challenge reveal

I’ve been hooked ever since.  She has a few more pieces on Minted and a huge selection on Etsy.

2 – Rattan Daybeds

Serena & Lily Daybed

Serena  & Lily Daybed

I just want a rattan daybed or bed, SOMETHING for under $500.  Is that too much to ask????  Apparently so.   Obviously the Anthro daybed, Serena & Lily daybed, and if I really want to cry while online browsing, the Anthro curved bed are wonderful.  I think if any of those are in the budget, they are great pieces, but those items ARE the budget in my case.  I’m on the hunt for an alternative  for either of those.  I think the only way that’s going to happen is Craigslist.  Or I might just abandon the rattan daybed and do something else, but that doesn’t change how much I love them.

3 – Lulie Wallace

Lulie Wallace

Lulie Wallace……this girl.  I spoke my love for her on Insta (and Snap)…………… I am dreaming so hard about a project and I want it to scream Lulie Wallace.  And I think it’s probably time to spill the beans on it because I went overboard on Snap one day and forgot that some people actually watch those and then when a few people asked about the project I felt silly because it wasn’t even a done thing at the time.  So here it goes.  My parents (dun dun dun) have a game room over the garage (separate from the rest of the house).  It is currently a literal dark hole attic.  They originally made it a man cave/game room (that was over 10 years ago) and then there wasn’t AC/heating up there and no one ever went up there and we all forgot it existed.  It’s now an overflow from the attic and it has a black ceiling.  I’m not just saying this to make the story better, but I open the door very slow in fear that a raccoon might run out.  My parents are both on the same page that something needs to be done but also both on the same page that it’s not the first room that you see when entering the house (living room), so it’s not going to become a money pit.  So you know, I did the natural thing and got out of control and dreamed up this space that I WANTED because why not????  Green, patterned wood floors from Mirth Studio, tropical pink walls and a whole lot of Lulie Wallace going on.  But then reality hit.  The makeover is definitely still happening, but I have to do it on a major budget, so those green  Mirth Studio tiles aren’t happening.

I just went on a whole tangent about this project, and really all I wanted to do was share the word about Lulie Wallace if you don’t already know about her.  Her patterns are incredible and have caused me to lose my mind.  Check out her site and Insta.

Speaking of…….

4 – Mirth Studio

Mirth Studio

peel and stick vinyl tile

Sally Bennet who created Mirth Studio has not only changed, but ROCKED the world of flooring as we know it.  “The technology behind Mirth Studio tiles has only recently become available.  Mirth utilizes the latest advances in printing and screening combined with a proprietary sealing process to make wood tiles that are able to stand up to years of abuse.  Our tiles are as durable as any engineered wood flooring product on the market.”  They are the only people (known) producing this product.  Read more about it here.  Aside from their wood tiles, they also create a peel and stick vinyl tile.  Side note: vinyl flooring is making a HUGE comeback.

5 –Skirted Tables …..

Skirted Table

I know, I know, super traditional/stuffy in some cases.  But I’m kind of liking the idea of it in a specific space.  A mix of modern and traditional elements… no?

Happy weekend!!!



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8 comments on “5 Things I Can’t Shake”

  1. I love trend posts in general, and 2 (Lulie Wallace and Mirth) out of 5 of yours I’ve never heard of, so this is an especially good post! I’m glad to know what your pink and green scheme from IG is for – can’t wait to see how that progresses. And, I’ve been contemplating doing a “skirt” for my dining room table ever since I saw this image: in Barbara Westbrook’s Gracious Rooms. Not usually my kind of look, but for some reason it speaks to me. Plus I’m not wild about my table, so it’s a win-win! Great post 🙂

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Lulie Wallace and Mirth Studio are both AMAZING!!! So happy to spread the word about them.

      That image is stunning!!! The skirted is definitely a win-win especially if you don’t love your dining table 😉

  2. Total budget way to get a floor very close to the Celerie Kemble tiles is just to paint the existing floor, if it’s wood, or remove the carpet and paint the plywood subfloor with stencils. It might not have the high tech process that the Mirth tiles do, but if you seal it well it will still last a long time. Sounds like a fun project.

  3. Love these! Those Juniper Briggs paintings are lovely, and fingers crossed you’ll get your mirth tiles one day! I’ve been looking at their vinyl tiles (never thought I’d say THAT) as a budget way to replace the awful vinyl flooring in our bathrooms and kitchen.

  4. Amen to the Vinyl Floor comeback! We just put LVF in our new house, and it looks AWESOME – but every time I tell someone we used vinyl, they get a terrible look on their face.. until they see it! 🙂

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