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5 Things I Can’t Shake


Canopy Inspiration

1. Daybeds

Daybed Options

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I talked in the last 5 Things I Can’t Shake about loving rattan daybeds, but really, I’m so into all daybeds right now.  I think they’re especially great as a second sofa in a living room.  For some reason I have a hard time of warming up to two sofas in one space, so I think a daybed is a great alternative.

(I do have to add – even if I’m personally unsure about two sofas in one space, I do love it here in this space by Jenny Komenda.  I just think it has to look incredibly intentionally unintentional……… and that’s as hard as it sounds to achieve.)

2. This Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa Urban Outfitters

I can’t say I want to sleep on that thing, but I am so drawn to it for its’ design.  It actually looks like a vintage piece to me.  It feels very simple, but that brass base is so, so good.  Some people are all about going 50/50 on design vs function, and usually that’s generally the case for me, but for this particular project, I don’t think this piece would be very functional, but very much so needed for its’ design.  I’m actually eyeing it for my parents’ game room (soon to be guest suite) that I keep talking about.  The room is huge — it will have a bed, a “work area” with a round table/chairs, but there is another blank wall that needs something, so I’m thinking maybe a cheap sleeper sofa like this one.  It probably will not be used, but something needs to be there.  And if it is used, even better.  We’ll see what happens.  Also – full on introduction to this space I keep talking about coming tomorrow!

3. UNEXPECTED Shared Kid Rooms

Shared Kids Room


Unexpected being the key there.  There are so many great shared kid rooms on Pinterest.  Twin nurseries, full on kid rooms, they’re having such a moment right now and for good reason.  I am working on a shared kids room for a client (first one of these I’ve done), and had never really thought about how to pull it off until now.  Well…..they are harder than you’d think to pull off.  Since the shared kid room is having such a moment, I think it’s tricky to pull it off in a way that hasn’t been done.  Unexpected yet still cohesive….. Anyone ever done one?

4. Canopy Beds

Canopy Inspiration

I’ll be completely honest and say I’ve never given the canopy bed a second thought before two months ago.  I think that in the right space, these things can MAKE a space.  That being said, there are more offensive canopy beds out there than “good” ones, and I think a canopy bed needs a very special space.

Canopy Bed World Market


I do like this one above from World Market, I just wish it were white.  The faux rustic look doesn’t really bother me, although it’s not my favorite look, it’s just that when I think canopy bed, I think sophisticated and a bit more pulled together.  The price of this World Market one seems great, and I’m almost tempted to buy it and paint……

5. Round Jute Rugs

Round Jute Rug


I love the round jute rug but would love to see several layered…………. I found one at World Market for $4.98 (???).  Could you imagine using several of those in a layered way on painted white floors?….. Sounds like heaven.




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4 comments on “5 Things I Can’t Shake”

  1. I’ve always been drawn to a four poster bed… what, in your opinion, constitutes an “offensive” four poster? I’m seriously curious.

  2. For the shared kid room, how about non-matching beds that work well together, and then somewhat matching bedding? I agree that you need something jarring in there to throw the usual pattern off. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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