3 Years


3 Yer Anniversary

This week marked 3 years of marriage with Parker.  I’m incredibly thankful for him, and I’m sure you can sense from stories that I tell about him that he’s a pretty great guy.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about just how great he is because it’s 5:00 in the morning and I would need much more coffee to really get going on that.  Instead, I’m going to share some hilarious photos of how our home has changed in just 3 years.  Parker has been such a saint with dealing with all of the change.  I’ve said it before – as long as he has somewhere to sit and sleep, he is happy, and I really mean that.  He has come home before and the entire living room has been turned around and he simply did a few double takes after walking through the front door and made a comment about how I had been busy.  Surely I’m not the only person who puts their husband/boyfriend/significant other through this…….

And now, some photos that surfaced once when I first started blogging and then I switched blog names and thankfully the photos didn’t make the switch……

Living Room #1:

Old Living Room

Living Room

Our first living room was a hodgepodge of hand me down furniture.  That sofa was mine in college,  and the chair was from my Grandmother.  I did buy the rug from Target and asked for the garden stool for Christmas one year, so those were new.  The orange wall came with the apartment……….. We ended up painting it even though the apartment didn’t okay that.  That was the start of it all….

Living Room #2:

Living Room

I attempted a gallery wall here and also sold my college sofa and bought this IKEA one.  That sofa was so uncomfortable it hurt but I was happy to have something white and modern.  We bought that chair from Dillards with some credit we had from wedding gifts.  Very cute chair in the right space, but it proved to be so random here.

Living Room #3:

Living Room

And then we moved to the house we are in now.  We sold everything and started clean with this house,  The living room has changed since this shot, but those photos haven’t been shy of face time here on the blog lately.

Dining Room #1:

Dining Room

This actually wasn’t the first dining room, but it’s the first one I photographed.  The real first one had my college dining table/and chairs which we sold and then I purchased this IKEA table/chairs from Craigslist.  I had the chairs covered in this Dalmatian fabric (??) and painted the china cabinet that mint color.  A lot going on there.

Dining Room #2:

dining room reveal

This dining room is what happened when we moved and all is still the same with the exception of the now green walls.

Master Bedroom #1:


I tried. I loved that bedding (from Ballards and was gifted) and went overboard with the mirrors.  Also, looking back at these photos confirms how important it is (imo) to paint.  You think light beige walls in an apartment are okay and not offensive, but in this case, they were.

Master Bedroom #2:

2015 Master Bedroom - Claire Brody

This bedroom has probably been overshared but this is what happened when we moved.  From there, we changed to the bedroom we have now.

3 years of marriage and 3 living rooms, 3 dining room and 3 master bedrooms.  Seems perfectly logical to me, no??

Have a great weekend!



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  1. My husband works out of town 4 days at a time and I SWEAR every time he comes home something is different. I can’t help it. Seriously. It’s like a disease haha. I love seeing how people’s styles evolve. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Love seeing how your style has evolved over the years! The rooms started out great for what you were working with, and it’s just gotten better and better. Happy anniversary!

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