1 Item 3 Ways {Kitchen}


1 Item 3 Ways Kitchen

This post actually started as part of the “How to Decorate a Room from Scratch” post — Laura and I were going to demonstrate step #5 & #6 (choose one piece and build around it).  In an attempt to keep that post at a reasonable length, we saved this “1 items 3 ways” for another day.  We thought it would be fun to show how to choose one piece and build around it…..3 different ways.

Up today is a kitchen.  We went with this lovely Brass and Opal Glass Pendant.

1 Item 3 Ways {Kitchen}:

The first option feels the most classic of the three options.  The blue dining chairs and area rug bring a fun splash to the design, but the wood floors, marble countertops and white subway tiles feels very classic.


PendantsDrawer Pulls | Counters | Cabinet Color | Rug | Subway Tiles | Floors | Dining Chairs | Faucet


The second option feels fresh and modern (& is my personal favorite).  It feels clean yet also chic.  I love the subtle wallpaper pattern..


Pendants | Barstools | Table | Counters | Cabinet Color | Sink | Faucet | Rug | Wallpaper


Option three has lots of personality with a boho feel.  Great pattern mix with the backsplash and area rug, and fun color with the stone counters and tile floors.

option3 pendants | Floors | Counters | Barstools | Sink | Backsplash | Rug | Faucet

What’s your preference??

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  1. Love all three but I’ve been really into terra cotta floors like the last one. So happy to see tile like that getting thrown into a modern mix. Thank you for the inspiration, Claire!!

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